All Points Bulletin: Conventioneers

April 26, 2015

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narutaki_icon_4040 Kate’s picks:

hisui_icon_4040 Alain’s picks:


narutaki_icon_4040 Who needs another reason to find more fan-art of Oscar?


Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works #016 – Another Spin

April 26, 2015

hisui_icon_4040 I think this is the part of the story that won over a lot of people to the side of Unlimited Blade Works in the visual novel whether they realized it or not. They may cite the cool fight scenes, the big reversals, or Rin’s appeal but I think those are all secondary to the fact that this is the first time the story seriously criticizes Shiro’s actions and worldview. Shiro has always been one of the biggest sticking points for people who have only watched the original anime (and even for a decent number of people who have explored more of the franchise.) Shiro is often seen as sexist, naive, and thick-headed. To see him concede a lot of points to Rin about him being wrong and then give her a large amount of authority in their partnership won over a lot of people even if they can’t specifically point this moment as the reason why. He has not totally abandoned his original philosophy like he will in Heaven’s Feel but this is still a major leap forward.

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Type-Moon Weekly News Roundup: Too Little Too Late

April 25, 2015

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S.W.A.T. Reviews: Spring 2015 Pt. 2 (It’s All Been Done)

April 20, 2015


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The premise of these reviews is simple: watch the first episode of a series and then immediately sit down to record a review mini-podcast. The reviews are five- to ten-minutes long and entirely off the cuff. As always we only review new shows (so no sequels or continuations) and try to avoid anything that just looks outright awful.

These are the first batch from the new season and now we’ve broken them into (helpful?) categories:

Sentence: Free to Go

Listen – First impressions of Ninja Slayer from Studio Trigger. It is streaming on Funimation and Hulu.

Listen – First impressions of Ghost in the Shell ARISE: Alternative Architecture from Production I.G. It is streaming on Funimation and Hulu.

Sentence: Lock ‘Em Up and Throw Away the Key

Listen – First impressions of Vampire Holmes from Studio! Cucuri.


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