Live Action Gundam Sousei at New York Anime Festival

September 23, 2009

Eventhough New York Anime Festival is still a baby compared to most other big cons, it has grown up rather quickly! Since it is in my own backyard I look forward to it but this year it had a special surprise in store that made me and others drop our jaws: Yoshiyuki Tomino. A guest this big just blows everything else out of the water for me. If there was nothing else to do at this convention, it wouldn’t matter one bit. I’d pay $50 to see Tomino so this is just like having a bunch of bonus features. And a press pass. No, don’t worry readers, I won’t actually only be reporting on the Tomino related goodness. Another feature of the con I am really looking forward to is the Cencoroll showing and we have a new panel this year! There is plenty to see and do, as always, though some industry absence is mysterious (Yen Press?). I have a feeling it will be good times again at this year’s New York Anime Fest!

Year three of New York Anime Festival has a lot to live up to. The past two years have been amazing for the con and prove that there are definite merits to being professionally run. There is a certain feel that can not be replicated by anything but being fan run but NYAF has the ability to get people like Yoshiyuki Tomino which is enough for me. I am curious how much of Tomino’s pure insanity is going to come out during the con. I mean this is the guy who just said video games are evil. I am sure whatever comes out of his mouth is going to be gold. Other than Tomino the thing I am most looking forward to is our Bloggers Roundtable panel. It’s our first time trying it out but I feel it has a great amount of potential. You take a bunch of people who are known for being insightful and eloquent then have them talk about fascinating topics. This is why people always talk about the Industry roundtable but this is a good deal more personal. We are going to have bloggers from About.com, Ani-Gamers, Anime Almanac, Anime Vice, The Gaming Dungeon, Ogiue Maniax, Reverse Thieves, and Subatomic Brainfreeze, all on one panel. If you are not attending the masquerade I really hope you can stop on in. We are also running our trusty Anime Recruitment panel on Sunday so if you are still around visit us there as well. Other than that we will be around all three days. We will have our homemade Reverse Thieves badges and t-shirts so look for us and say hello!

Our tentative schedule is as follows:

Opening Ceremonies
FUNimation Industry panel
Basics of Intellectual Property Rights panel
How I Broke Into the Anime and Manga Industries panel
Yoshiyuki Tomino Keynote
Aniplex Industry panel
Games from Japan vs. Games from The U.S. panel
Fighter’s High: Extra Curricular Battles panel
Cencoroll Premiere

Del Rey Manga Industry panel
Steampunk in Anime panel
Bandai Industry panel
Yoshiyuki Tomino Q&A
Anime News Network Industry panel
Spoiler: The Panel
Bloggers Roundtable (We are on this panel! 8-9 PM)

Convention War Stories panel
VIZ Media Industry panel
State of the Anime and Manga Industries panel
CPM Retrospective panel
Anime Recruitment (This is our panel! 4-5PM)

As a reminder: No Ongoing Investigations this week!

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  1. How will the bloggers’ roundtable interact with the ever-popular Saturday night karaoke?

  2. I’ll make sure that Patz is always one step ahead of you guys. When you two get the the next town, he will just be leaving with the THUNDER BADGE. Good luck beating Lt. Surge with just that Squirtle and Pikachu you used against Brock and Misty.

    ..wait, we aren’t discussing Pokemon?

  3. @BakaTanuki
    Does that make Narutaki be Ash (Satoshi for the utterly banal) in the analogy? Then who am I? The pokedex? The bike? Professor Oak? Saber?

    - Hisui

  4. said karaoke night is scheduled for 9:45 pm on Saturday, which should give all concerned plenty of time to get their heineys from Javits to Duet 35 after the end of the blogger panel at 9:00 pm.

    just thought you might liketa know. ;-D

  5. Electric resists Electric anyway, so all you gotta do is use Pikachu and watch out for is his Raichu’s damn Normal attacks.

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