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The Reverse Thieves started as a detective-themed anime and manga blog duet in mid-2007. We write joint posts where you can see ideas between us on a wide variety of topics. We wish to delve deeper into anime and manga by examining the strengths and weakness of the mediums and the fandom that surrounds them. With character- and story-focused analysis we hope to examine where anime and manga have come from, where they are going, and what are the mechanics and philosophies that define them. We try to have an emphasis on the positive by celebrating titles we enjoy while promoting little known gems.

In recent years, we’ve added individual posts by each of us to expand our content. These come about whenever we feel the need. This is also reflected in our weekly Ongoing Investigations post where we discuss what we’ve been reading/watching/etc. lately.

Since variety is the spice of life, on occasion we go a little off topic to discuss other geeky interests on the blog. You might see the occasional post about comics and cartoons from around the world, sci-fi and fantasy, or video games and other sorts of gaming as well. Hopefully this gives you a little insight into what else we do in our free time while not shifting the focus of the blog too much.

We added podcasting in 2010 thanks to encouragement from Anime3000 and have since expanded it. We speak about weighty and flighty topics alike, review the new seasons of anime, and provide some on the scene discussions with the same casual conversational manner that we have on the blog.

The blog and podcast are continuing to grow so we hope you will continue to provide comments and criticisms so you too can be part of the dialog.

The Writers:

International Detective League Case File NAUSNY07152007B: The Reverse Thieves

Alias: Hisui, Brainwasher Detective, Saber fan #1
League Member Number: 0089192191820

Alain is a mystery wrapped in an enigma; there are no known records of him before the formation of the Reverse Thieves. The apocryphal story is that Alain was once one of the world’s greatest phantom thieves attributed to being the mastermind behind the Windsor Castle affair, the Baley Blood Diamond caper, the 101 Bank Heist, and countless other infamous incidents. The story then follows that in the midst of pulling off his greatest crime he was caught by Kate. Taken in by her beauty and intellect, he turned over a new leaf and co-founded the Reverse Thieves detective agency. His mixed knowledge of anime, manga, video games, science fiction, and role-playing games along side with his more unorthodox detective style lends credence to this story. Whether or not this tale is fact, Alain is now on the side of justice and honor helping solve many a baffling mystery.

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Alias: Narutaki, Ken-oh, Gackt fan #1
League Member Number: 1411821201119

Kate is a hard living detective that has been in the business for over 15 years. In her childhood, she wandered the world studying under such great masters as Marple, Holmes, Akechi, and Kudo. Through this she gained a great appreciation for the solid detective work that has become a signature of the Reverse Thieves. She has taken down more criminals single-handedly than some international police organizations in total. Notable cases include recovering the Pattington collection, breaking up the MYST spy ring, and catching the Red Card killer. In her globetrotting adventures she also gained an equal passion for animation and comics from all over the world as well as video games and literature. She now divides her time between cracking cases, doing graphic design, and writing about anime and manga. She accepts payment in the form of Nightmare Before Christmas and Disney memorabilia. Her preference for clients is tall, dangerous blond men but she will take any case where someone is in need.

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Contact us:

You can always leave us a comment on our entries but if you want to send us a message personally, whether it be a question or a request for a subject or just general feedback, we’d love to hear from you so send messages to: reversethieves[at]gmail.com

You can also follow us on Twitter: narutakiRT and hisuiRT

Events we have attended as Press:

  • Otakon 2015/2014/2013/2012/2011/2010/2009
  • AnimeNEXT 2015/2014/2013/2012/2011/2010/2009
  • New York Comic Con 2014/2013/2012/2011/2010/2009
  • Special Edition NYC 2015/2014
  • Genericon 2011
  • MangaNEXT 2010
  • New York Anime Festival 2009/2008
  • Yatterman World Premiere (2009)
  • Providence Anime Conference 2008

Panels we have run/participated in:

  • I Hate Sports: A Sports Anime Panel (Otakon 2015)
  • New Anime for Older Fans (Otakon 2015/2014, AnimeNEXT 2015/2014, Otakon 2012)
  • Penguindrum: The Panel for Lowlifes Who Will Never Amount to Anything (AnimeNEXT 2015)
  • Grand Glorious Gathering of Gundam Gals (AnimeNEXT 2015)
  • PreCure Party (AnimeNEXT 2015)
  • Giant Robot Romance:  Boy Meets Girl Meets Mecha (AnimeNEXT 2015)
  • The Visual Stylings of Kunihiko Ikuhara (Otakon 2014)
  • The Measure of Man. The Nature of a Hero: A Fate/Stay Night Panel [18+] (Otakon 2014, AnimeNEXT 2013)
  • Terrible Manga Dojo: Being a Better Otaku through Hayate 2 (AnimeNEXT 2014)
  • Don’t Read That @#$% Scan: New Legit Digital Manga You Should Be Reading (AnimeNEXT 2014)
  • The 156,804,000 Yen Panel: Being a Better Otaku through Hayate (AnimeNEXT 2013, Genericon 2013: Featured Panelist)
  • Kill ’em All and Let Sunrise Sort ’em Out: A Yoshiyuki Tomino Panel (Otakon 2013, AnimeNEXT 2013, Genericon 2013: Featured Panelist)
  • Type-Moon: Unlimited Panel Works (Genericon 2013 – Featured Panelist, Otakon 2012, AnimeNEXT 2011)
  • Investigating Detective Anime (Otakon 2011, AnimeNEXT 2011, Genericon 2011: Featured Panelists)
  • Best Manga You Never Read (Otakon 2011, AnimeNEXT 2011, MangaNEXT 2010, MangaNEXT 2006)
  • Real Men Watch Shojo (AnimeNEXT 2011)
  • Anime Recruitment (Genericon 2011: Featured Panelists, New York Comic Con / Anime Festival 2010, New York Anime Festival 2009, Otakon 2009, New York Anime Festival 2008, AnimeNEXT 2008, Otakon 2007)
  • One Piece: A Portrait of Pirates (Genericon 2011: Featured Panelists)
  • Otaku Perceptions and Misconceptions (AnimeNEXT 2010)
  • Bloggers Roundtable (New York Anime Festival 2009)
  • I Can’t Believe You Haven’t Seen This! (Otakon 2009, AnimeNEXT 2009, New York Anime Festival 2008)
  • Blogging and Podcasting Roundtable (Castle Point Anime Convention 2009)
  • Fan Scanlations Stole My Innocence (MangaNEXT 2007)

Podcasts/Blogs we have guested on:


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