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Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA ILLYA 2wei! #002: We are all Cancers

July 17, 2014

hisui_icon_4040 I am a Cancer as well. Not because I watched this episode. I’m not denying that is also true but what I am talking about is the fact that I was born on July 21st. So like Illya and Miyu my astrological symbol is also Cancer. In fact if I was born one day earlier I would share their birthday. Like Tatsuko I could only lie and say my birthday is the same as theirs. But I am not that sad.

But Tatsuko is the saddest heroine of her own story ever.

(Apparently July 20th has become a cusp day for Cancers so some people don’t consider being born on the 20th being a Cancer anymore. Then again it is ALMOST like Zodiac signs are silly superstitionalist malarkey that make Neil Degrasse Tyson cry.)

Also you might wonder why Bazett is the top photo of the post when she does not even appear in this episode. One: She does appear. She is briefly in the new opening. Two: This is my blog. I put whatever I want at the top. If I want more Bazett in the posts we get more Bazett. Just be grateful I don’t randomly throw her and/or Saber at the top of all the posts. You know I will do it.
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Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA ILLYA 2wei! #001: Illya Saves Anime

July 11, 2014

hisui_icon_4040 The anime industry is in a sad state of affairs. There is nothing but incest and idols shows being made. There has not been a major shonen success in years. Shinichiro Watanabe has been banned from making any anime. There is no hope.

But a single light can save anime. It is the light of a young lady. A magical girl. Not Sailor Moon (I mean Sailor Moon could have saved anime but they will never be able to re-release that show because of Stars). Not Cardcaptor Sakura. No one likes CLAMP anymore. Yes it is Illyasviel von Einzbern and Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA ILLYA 2wei! They will save anime. Forever.

OK. Other than picking Akikan! or Yosuga no Sora I don’t think I could have picked a worse title to “save anime.” So we can now officially put the “this is the title that will save anime” meme/joke/platitude to rest.

So instead lets talk about the new season of the Illya as a magical girl anime.
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Manga of the Month: 87 Clockers

July 4, 2014

87 Clockers (87超频者) by Tomoko Ninomiya

hisui_icon_4040 There are several web sites devoted solely to telling you if Abe Vigoda is alive or not. He has been reported as dead by several major news sources over the years to the point that is has become a running joke. In a way I feel 87 Clockers needs the same sort of treatment. I swear I keep thinking this series is getting canceled. When Nanatsuya: Shinobu’s Jewel Box was announced I assumed it was because 87 Clockers was over. It turns out  Tomoko Ninomiya is just doing two monthly manga at the same time. Then recently that Jump Kai, the magazine that 87 Clockers runs in, was announced to be ending in October. 87 Clockers will probably be moved to another Shueisha magazine but that is still something that was me worried. Overall it is not a series I ever hear anyone talking about so it is easy for me to assume it has gone the way of the dodo. With the latest Jump Kai scare I decided to talk a little about the series in hopes of changing that.

If nothing else 87 Clockers stands out in the realm of competitive sport manga. And this is a field that has titles like Chihayafuru and Yakitate!! Japan it is not simple to do.

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Manga of the Month: A Silent Voice

June 20, 2014

A Silent Voice by Yoshitoki Oima

narutaki_icon_4040 How long should one punish themselves something they did as a child?

Ishida is an ex-bully, who became bullied himself during elementary school, who has now isolated himself as he drifts through high school life.

Shoko is the girl Ishida and his classmates bullied due to her hearing impairment.

Ishida seeks Shoko out, all these years later, in order to apologize before ending his life. But when he does, he suddenly finds himself making a meaningful human connection and that snowballs into another connection and another and another all which change his outlook.

Despite how serious all of that sounds, and by all means A Silent Voice is thoughtful in the burdens all of its characters carry, the series creates people who aren’t simply downtrodden.

The beginning of the series is an angering and painful few chapters as you watch Ishida and his friends bully Shoko. It is kind of hard to believe that you will empathize, believe in, love Ishida.

But you will.

This series is lovely and brilliant; poignant and surprising. There is light and hope in the series in such unexpected ways. Each character has darkness lurking, but the series creates fully realized characters that are more than a sum of their problems. The ability to connect so fully with Ishida is testament to the writing. The people from Ishida’s past, and his mistakes and how he deals with them, are incredibly complex. It isn’t so easy to dismiss people or to rebuild your life, and it is doubly hard for a boy who doesn’t truly believe he deserves better.

A Silent Voice is a hopeful, buoyant story about changing, forgiving, and accepting yourself and others that doesn’t runaway from creating characters with very real problems.

~ kate


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