Otaku Diaries

We at Reverse Thieves are looking to do something a little different.

We are proposing a project called the Otaku Diaries. We are looking for people who consider themselves anime fans to participate in an anonymous survey. It will be profiling the lives, loves, and losses of these individuals and how their hobby has related to shaping them. We will also be looking for patterns as well as differences in the cases. We are looking for diverse people who are not afraid to get personal, questions will include topics like prior relationships, profession, and sexuality.

This survey is about a story, not about numbers.

The whole idea of the project is to bring together each individual’s perception of anime fandom to see a clearer vision of the greater whole. In our series of blog posts, we will be looking at relationships, habits, and how they (the people we survey) view anime and how others in turn view them. We will also be doing posts about large commonalities between all the participants as well as major differences. Other posts may crop up due to the diversity of stories we receive but we won’t know what those posts will be till we read through all the information. We hope to receive as detailed answers as possible in order to gain a better understanding of each participant and anime fandom as a whole.

The Series:

Otaku Diaries Part 1: Lies, damn lies, and statistics.
Otaku Diaries Part 2: Otaku! Threat or Menace?
Otaku Diaries Part 3: Sticks, stones, AND words can hurt you!
Otaku Diaries Part 4: Mirror, mirror on the wall
who’s the fairest of them all?
Otaku Diaries Part 5: Recipe for an Otaku.
Otaku Diaries Part 6: The Otaku post for people who hate Otaku.
Otaku Diaries Part 7: Finding that special person
to watch Whisper of the Heart with.
Otaku Diaries Part 8: Friends don’t let friends watch Akikan!
Otaku Diaries Part 9: Anime in the year 21XX.
Otaku Diaries Part 10: Miss Cellaneous and the Otaku Diaries Round Up!
Otaku Diaries Part 11: The Otaku Diaries Are Immortal!!

Special Thanks: The Otaku Diaries were mentioned by Anime World Order, Anime Roundtable, The Ninja Consultant, Dave and Joel’s Fast Karate for the Gentleman, and Ain’t It Cool News and we must thank them very much for helping us to find participants. Ogiue Maniax blogged about each entry, Anime Diet discussed otaku dating in regards to our article on it, Fuzakenna was a participant and even posted his Otaku Diary survey publicly, and Anime3000 invited us on the A3K Panel to discuss the project.


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