Otaku NYC

Planning a trip to NYC? Coming to the city for a convention? Just live in the general vicinity? All of these scenarios are reasons we decided to start this series. New York City has a wealth of international flavor from shopping to eating with plenty of offerings from Japan so there is a lot for an anime fan to enjoy. Here we will be highlighting permanent things such as stores and restaurants that can be of use anytime you find yourself in the Big Apple!

Otaku NYC: Udon West
Otaku NYC: Ramen Setagaya
Otaku NYC: Chopsticks NY
Otaku NYC: Yoshinoya
Otaku NYC: Japan Society

Otaku NYC: Kinokuniya

Otaku NYC: Cafe Zaiya

Otaku NYC: Duet 35 & 48

Otaku NYC: General Info

Otaku NYC: Go! Go! Curry

Otaku NYC: Donburiya

Otaku NYC: Otafuku

Otaku NYC: Uniqlo

Otaku NYC: Hiroko’s Place

Otaku NYC: Book-Off
Otaku NYC: Worship At the Feet of Hello Kitty

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