S.W.A.T. Reviews: Winter 2015 Pt. 1

January 19, 2015

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The premise of these reviews is simple: watch the first episode of a series and then immediately sit down to record a review mini-podcast. The reviews are five- to ten-minutes long and entirely off the cuff. As always we only review new shows (so no sequels or continuations) and try to avoid anything that just looks outright awful. These are the first batch from the new season and now we’ve broken them into (helpful?) categories:

Sentence: Free to Go

Listen – First impressions of Yurikuma Arashi from Silver Link. It is streaming on Funimation.

Listen – First impressions of Death Parade from MADHOUSE. It is streaming on Funimation and Hulu.

Listen – First impressions of Rolling Girls from Wit Studio. It is streaming on Funimation.

Listen – First impressions of Yatterman Night from Tatsunoko Productions. It is streaming on Funimation.

Sentence: On Parole

Listen – First impressions of Assassination Classroom from Lerchee. It is streaming on Funimation.

Listen – First impressions of Maria the Virgin Witch from Production I.G. It is streaming on Funimation.

Sentence: Lock ‘Em Up and Throw Away the Key

Listen – First impressions of Samurai Warriors from Production NAS. It is streaming on Crunchyroll and Funimation.



All Points Bulletin: Black Sabbath’s Quest for Pokemon

January 18, 2015

If you have any suggestions for what to highlight on an APB drop us a line via email or Twitter.

narutaki_icon_4040 Kate’s picks:

hisui_icon_4040 Alain’s picks:


narutaki_icon_4040 LUCHADOR POKEMON!


Type-Moon Weekly News Roundup: The Luckiest Lancer

January 17, 2015

This Saturday post is the weekly Type-Moon news in addition to the regular APB post on Sunday. If you have any suggestions for what to highlight on the Type-Moon Weekly News Roundup drop me a line via email or Twitter.

  • Amusingly Naive
    It turns out that Shielder was originally going to be the heroine of an anime original story for the Studio Deen adaptation of Fate/Stay Night. I enjoy that in this age of the Internet Nasu asks that people who play the game not spoil who Shielder is. I think the real accomplishment will be if her identity is not spoiled before the game comes out.
  • Fate/Stay Night Owl Cafe
    I just really like that picture.
  • The Music of the Night
    Aniplex put up a preview for the music CD that comes with the first Unlimited Blade Works box set. They also conformed that the LiSA version of “This Illusion” is included as well.
  • Fashionably Late to the Party 
    As it is coming out on February 24th they have release a new commercial for the English version of  Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late. One again this is mostly here becuase Sion Eltnam Atlasia is a regular member of the cast. Hopefully one day Type-Moon will release that Tsukihime remake so we  can also get an HD version of Melty Blood.
  • Stone Cold Crazy
    More coverage of the upcoming Rider Nendoroid.
  • Brokedown Palace
    A look at everything in the Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works 1st Season Blu-Ray Box.
  • Reenact the end of the Fate Path
    One of the exclusive Winter Wonder Festival figures is a Saber figma with her hair down and no armor called the Dress Version.

Top 8 Type-Moon Items I Would Love to See Translated – 2015 Edition

January 15, 2015

 Back in 2012 I did a post about the five Type-Moon projects I would love to see translated. Since then some of my dreams came true and at the same time others of them are still unfulfilled. That said we finally have a fully translated Fate/Hollow Ataraxia so I’m generally going to put the post in the success column. One could argue that I had nothing to do with that so I’m going to say that we might only want to write it onto the success column with a pencil. Still with Fate/Hollow Ataraxia out-of-the-way I really wanted to do a new post to cover some of the material that has come out in the meantime. Just as quickly as wonderful things get translated there are two more things that come out that I still wonder about. Theoretically someone might read this post and get a bit of powerful inspiration they might not have otherwise had. Who knows. Stranger things have happened.

Everything on the list has to be a full on Type-Moon project. That means as much as I would love to see a translated Red Dragon it does not get a spot on the list. Also there has to be some easily conceivable way of seeing a translation. While I am curious to read Ice Flowers I don’t know anyone who has a copy of it. This is hardly a definitive list. There are countless things I would love to add but five is a good start.

They are just titles that as far as I know have not been fully translated into English. If you have evidence that is not the case please send it my way. I would love to be wrong.

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