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AnimeNEXT 2015: Panels

June 26, 2015

hisui_icon_4040 It is easy to forget how much work goes into doing five panels is. It not only eats up your time before the convention but it also chews through a good deal of time at the event itself. I did feel like I went to fewer panels than usual mostly because I spent so much time in front of the audience and not a part of it. I still attended quite a few panels all three days so I hope this posts works as well as a bit of panel feedback. If your reading this I encourage you to give feedback on any or all panels you attend in the convention forums. Most of the time attendees only talk about the panels they either love with all their heart or hate with the passion of a thousand suns. A broad range of commentary helps both the panelists and the convention in equal measure as long as your comments are thoughtful and constructive.

narutaki_icon_4040 Fan panels have become the heart of anime conventions. AnimeNEXT has been most inviting to us to become part of that community of presenters.

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AnimeNEXT 2015: Artist Alley

June 23, 2015

narutaki_icon_4040 AnimeNEXT’s Artist Alley was practically bursting at the seams over the weekend. I’ve never seen it so busy! Plus, there were even a few more artists in the dealer’s room.

The alley had also somewhat morphed into half craft fair. Printed sticky notes, handmade clothing, glass ornaments, handwritten scrolls, pottery, hand-knit dolls, hair clips, dioramas, candles, body spray, and the list goes on. But by far the most popular new item seemed to be washi tape, printed rolls of tape with cute graphic patterns of different characters. (I didn’t actually buy any of this mysterious tape, but perhaps that will change at Otakon.)

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Crime Scene Investigations #008: AnimeNEXT 2015

June 22, 2015

This is a bonus segment of the Speakeasy Podcast we like to call Crime Scene Investigations. These are random bonus podcasts that we record about various events. There is no regular schedule for these. We will put them up as quickly as we can when the opportunity for one occurs. 

PatzPrime joins us to talk about his first AnimeNEXT. This is the last year in Somerset, NJ for the con.

Crime Scene Investigations #008:
AnimeNEXT 2015

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AnimeNEXT 2015: Trigger

June 18, 2015

Trigger Girls

hisui_icon_4040 It is still going to be a little while before I get used to the fact that AnimeNEXT can get a packed room for anime production guests. It would be easy to assume that the hype around Kill la Kill lead to an unsustainable turn out for Studio Trigger last year. But the fact that the room for the Trigger panel was completely filled this year proves that if you properly bill the Japanese guests you can a full house in a big room. It was amazingly heartwarming. People WILL attend Japanese guests panels. I would love to see Otakon up their game and get a similar turn out with their Japanese guests.

But in turn Trigger brought their A game this year. Last year that really wowed the audience with never seen before Kill la Kill production sketches, great commentary, and a lively Q&A. This year they went one step beyond. They had a lot of hard to see or exclusive video. When they pulled out the big guns I think everyone was sufficiently blown away. If anything they had much less Q&A despite the panel being two hours because they had so much to show everyone. That alone made AnimeNEXT 2015 worth the price of admission. Everything past that was just a bonus.

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