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Mickey Mouse Pook-A-Looz

March 29, 2011

First of all you may be saying, what the heck are Pook-A-Looz anyway? Also I keep wondering if it is one Pook-A-Looz or is it one Pook-A-Loo and the plural is Pook-A-Looz? In any case, they are a fairly recent stylized line from Disney mainly focused in the plushie market but have expanded into being featured on all sorts of other merchandise, too. The signature is a rather squat design with an even simpler look incorporating flatness and geometric shapes. The stitching also adds a nice touch. And even with the cool design, Mickey is still meant to be played with by kids; he is soft and squishy like a good plushie should be. There are a vast array of characters from classic Disney to The Muppets so there is no doubt I’ll be adding a few more to my collection soon.


Epcot’s Japan ups its trendy wares.

March 10, 2011

If you’ve never been to Walt Disney World’s Epcot, you are missing out, but you also may not be aware that it houses a Japan portion to its World Showcase. In this section you will find lovely architecture, food, a small museum that changes its exhibition, and a very large store. It’s one of my favorite places to head when in the park and pick up an item or two imported from Japan.

This time around I bought some trendy illustrated prints from Kaori Wakamatsu. But I had a hard time deciding on them as they were stocking so many other striking illustrations by Wakamatsu and many others featured as prints, postcards, notebooks, stationary, pens, and on bags and wallets. This was a fairly new section that has expanded much from the last time I was there. It really emphasized the “cute Japan” but still had a cool edge of design beyond staples like Hello Kitty while also striking a nice balance with the more traditional fare that takes up most of the store.


My Introduction to European Geekery

February 3, 2011

Sorry, this post is a long time coming. And my title is a bit misleading as I spent almost all of my time in Holland and one day visiting Brussels. Despite that, it was an introduction to many things including the world of geek sub-culture across the Atlantic. And it is a piece of my education I hope to expand in the coming years.

This was my first time abroad, ever, and the first time I ever found myself feeling like a foreigner. I realized though that just because you are on vacation you don’t stop being the geek you are. At least I don’t. So my research had led me to find some comic shops in Amsterdam and virtually every other town I visited in Holland. As for Brussels, I didn’t have to plot out where the shops were as me and my companion were practically tripping over them at every turn.

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A Disney podcast that only scratches the surface of Narutaki’s love.

December 14, 2010

A Twitter conversation recently sparked the desire in me to discuss Disney animation. Luckily for me Patz of Insert Disc was also eager to host such a thing. Add in Mike from Anime Dream plus a whole lot of Disney love and you come out with a podcast that is really long. And it easily could have gone on longer. Seriously, I could have done a 10-hour podcast. We start off talking about the upcoming Oscar animated feature nomination race for a mere 3 slots this year and then jump into all kinds of Disney related topics including but not limited to the revival in the late 80’s/early-90’s, the different designs of their animation over the years, Walt’s waning interest in animation leading to Disney’s “dark period,” and our personal favorite films. There may or may not be random tangents about Pixar, Dreamworks, and us forgetting to talk about the Lion King.

Podlabor Episode 4 – Disney, Disney, and More Disney


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