The Speakeasy: A Reverse Thieves Podcast – Drink #006

Anime 3000 presents: The Speakeasy

The Speakeasy is an ongoing conversation between the two of us about themes, trends, and concepts present in anime and manga and along side that sometimes there will be a critical analysis of fandom. If you were ever curious about our conversations that are the genesis of our posts then this will be utterly enlightening. If you never wondered about that, hopefully you will still enjoy the show!

Drink #006: The Black Russian and the White Russian, The Art of Adaption

A majority of the anime produced is based on a preexisting work. A good deal of shows are adapted from manga but there is also anime based on light novels, video games, literature, and even some more unusual sources. But not all anime is adapted equally. Assuming that the source being adapted is solid what makes a good anime adaption and where can adaptation go wrong? We will be talking about the different philosophies used in adapting manga and the strengths and weaknesses that comes with any strategy. We will also try and discover why the adapting an anime into a manga seems to fail so often.

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And now your helpful bartenders at The Speakeasy present your drink:

5.0 cl Vodka
2.0 cl Coffee liqueur
Pour the ingredients into the old fashioned glass filled with ice cubes. Stir gently.

5.0 cl Vodka
2.0 cl Coffee liqueur
3.0 cl Fresh cream
Pour coffee liqueur and vodka directly into old fashioned glass filled with ice. Float fresh cream on the top and stir in slowly.


4 thoughts on “The Speakeasy: A Reverse Thieves Podcast – Drink #006

  1. Lothos says:

    To answer the question about where onemanga is hosted, a quick whois shows it bounces to an IP in Canada, registered to ENOM, INC. Other info of note, from about their financials: Estimation (yearly?): $6,146,650,953 Daily income: $8,420,070

  2. Lothos says:

    I agree with your guys’ overall opinion that manga adapted from an anime is generally…not good. However, as Narutaki mentioned, Yoshiyuki Sadamoto’s Evangelion manga is excellent. Despite the fact that it’s released sooooooo slowly.

    The FLCL manga, which while nowhere near as enjoyable to me as the anime, was one I still felt was “good.” Albeit quite a bit darker (nobody actually dies in the anime).

  3. Shadowblade Edge says:

    Having read and watched the Hidamari Sketch, that being all the anime and 40 some odd chapters of the manga, I’d go for the anime, but only slightly, and probably only because it’s SHAFT. I could easily see someone going either way with it. Related though, the Lucky Star anime is a fair sight better than the manga. The manga is pretty stiff from what I’ve read.

    P.S. HidaSketch is BOSS.

  4. Adam Wednesdays says:

    Adaptations are always interesting to me. Sometimes I like seeing changes get made, just to see a different take on the material. Of course, a lot of time the changes that get made are… ill-advised.

    It’s also weird when you’re first introduced to an adaptation, instead of the source material. My introduction to “Fullmetal Alchemist” was the first anime series, so I had no idea the second half was changed from the manga. So it’s always strange to see how much some people HAAAATE the original anime series for being different. I agree that the manga series is better, but the anime isn’t some crime against humanity, and the end of the manga has some issues of its own.

    If you guys know: how’s the anime series of “Monster?” I absolutely love the manga series; does the cartoon live up to it?

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