Happy 3rd Birthday Reverse Thieves Giveaway!

And so our 4th year of blogging begins! It is a bit hard to believe, it has gone by in a flash, and there are no plans to slow down. And instead of expecting gifts, we are giving a big pile of stuff away in celebration of our birthday! The site got a bit of a update to its look and layout, nothing too drastic but I wanted to do make it spiffy for the coming year.

hisuiconThe third year for the Reverse Thieves comes to a close which is apparently some sort of a milestone in the anime blogging community, the three year mark is a stabilizer. I’m always a little relieved whenever I cross one of those threshold dates. I use our birthday post as a chance to reflect on what we have done over the course of the year. The most significant project we accomplished was without a doubt the Otaku Diaries, 11 posts over the course of the year that were very well received by people in the community and I hope gave the some insight. We also also changed where we were hosted so the site is much more stable than it was before. The upside is we don’t have to worry about the site going down once a week. The downside is that I can’t install cute little WordPress plug-ins anymore. At the beginning of 2010, we started the Speakeasy podcast which now not only makes us anime and manga blogger but also anime and manga podcasters. That is like twice the otaku capital. All that is left is for one of us to get some sort of paid writing position for us to complete the hat trick. Another new addition in 2010 was putting manga of the month on hiatus which was apparently a slightly unpopular decision despite the fact that I never received any feedback on it until it was gone but our rants as part of the Final Denouement have gone over well enough to make up for that loss. I am glad to see the site continually changing for the better. I have enjoyed writing for the site more and more as the months have gone on and I hope you have all enjoyed reading it as much. Just remember people only with YOUR support can this become the #1 Saber and Galaxy Angel themed blog on the Internet.


All you have to do is leave a comment for us which includes a suggestion for an upcoming project/article/poll/whatever you’d like to see on Reverse Thieves.

Entries are due by Wednesday, July 7th. The winner will be notified by Friday, July 9th.

*U.S. residents only please. Sorry our abroad buddies we just can’t afford it.

This contest is over.

26 thoughts on “Happy 3rd Birthday Reverse Thieves Giveaway!

  1. mikeydpirate says:

    Congrats on making it three years! Woot! I hope you guys keep up your unique blogging style and go into each ‘investigation’ as if it was your first one! One more year and more to come!

    As in suggestions, I would love if you guys did Secret Santa again. That was fun to do. Another idea which could maybe discuss in a podcast episode is a comparison between western television (Both animation and/or live action) to easter television (animation and/or live action).

    Happy three years!

    • reversethieves says:

      A brilliant idea indeed. I don’t watch that many J-Dramas or Japanese televison in general that I would feel comfortable talking about the Japanese live action industry enough as any sort of person in the know. The animation vs animation idea is a good idea. I would wait until some show like Heroman or the anime version of Iron Man finished for to us to do something on that. We try to be marginally relevant.

      – Hisui

  2. yotaruvegeta says:

    Oooh, a contest! Congrats on not only lasting the test of time, but adding a podcast to the mix as well!

    My idea for a future poll would be “Given the option, do you read the Manga first, or the anime?” a related poll would be “Did the quality of a manga influence your perception of the anime?” That can also be flipped.

  3. Mo Rocking says:

    I already discussed an expansion of the demographics poll that you previously did. If you are attending Otakon, you could get a lot of responses from a diverse crowd I believe, which would provide some interesting insight into how the community breaks down beyond “all the ones *I* know are…” which is where most “anime talking points” stand.

    Questions could include:
    Sexual Orientation
    Relationship Status
    Political Affiliation
    On a scale from 1 to 10, with 1 being not an otaku and 10 being extreme otaku, how would you rate yourself?

    You should also have an option where they can give a “no response” answer to any question as well, which would also provide interesting information in what anime fans determine to be “too personal” and whatnot.

    • reversethieves says:

      We have thrown around a few con survey ideas. I know the main problem is they are sort of exhausting. Doubly so when you are trying to do press things at the same time. So we really need an idea that got our blood boiling with otaku passion.

      – Hisui

  4. Yuji says:

    I would like to see more pictures of kawaii dancing lolita catgirls on the mainpage, along with a detailed study on them based on the interweaving of domestic and mythological milieux. Also, an interpretative diegetic analysis of the evolution of lolicon multi-perspectivism would be fascinating.

    • reversethieves says:

      Reverse Thieves reverses the right to reject any and all topic suggestions on the grounds that Narutaki’s Hokuto Shinken is an unstoppable force of nature when he goes into berserker mode.

      – Hisui

  5. Simon Chambers says:

    Congratulations on beginning your 4th year of blogging!

    In terms of suggestions for new projects, I’d love to see you folks put some debate into the issue of whether or not moe/niche otaku shows are helping or hindering the anime industry in Japan and also abroad.

    In terms of a project, you could do interviews with other bloggers/podcasters and include their answers to some of the questions you cover on the Speak Easy.

    Good luck on year 4 and forward!

    • reversethieves says:

      Straight moe topics are on the back burner right now after our last moe article. (Unless one of us gets crazy fired up again).

      As for interviewing other podcasters. An interesting idea maybe for our 1 year anniversary for the Speakeasy. I know Narutaki wanted at least 10 podcasts under our belt before we had our first guest on.

      – Hisui

  6. Daryl Surat says:

    Personally, I want to see the project where you guys pick 3 anime titles to review and then come on the Anime World Order podcast and talk about them, with the catch being that the titles have to be something one of the hosts can do a review on!

    (Gerald already watched Fate/Stay Night, but I’m not sure if he’s saving that for Erin and Noah or not at this point)

    • reversethieves says:

      That sounds like a great idea. I would have to hash it out with Narutaki and the whole AWO crew but it sounds splendid to me. I have always wanted to be on and talk about Utena. Everything else is in the air. Between Narutaki and I there is much that could be talked about. I know that Narutaki and I will talk about any mecha show. This is a RT guarantee.

      I think Gerald would be better off talking with Erin and Noah about Fate/Stay Night. They all have the same opinion on the show. It would be better radio than me trying to defend my odd tastes for a half an hour. Also I’m not sure I could find a suitable bribe in 100 years to convince Narutaki to even contemplate watching Fate/Stay Night.

      – Hisui

  7. kadian1364 says:

    Congrats on the milestone. Hope you guys stick around for a while more.

    I like the beginner’s guide series, like “A Beginner’s Guide to Mecha” and “A Beginner’s Guide to Conan” so do more of those. How about something like Beginner’s Guide to Sports Anime or Beginner’s Guide to Romantic Shoujo Anime? God knows there’s a dearth of recognized gateway shows or general information in these less popular genres.

    • reversethieves says:

      Since the beginners guide to mecha we did for Tim Maughan and Guide to Conan were very successful we have a few more guides planned for the future. We are currently thinking about Anime for anime clubs, Real Robot Roundup, Shoujo for boys, Older anime for the newer fan, Newer anime for the old timer, Where to start with Gundam, and Sports Anime. It more a matter of the mood striking us than anything else.

      – Hisui

  8. Niki says:

    Congrats on three years! I’ve only been reading since last July, but I continue to be impressed by RT’s original content.

    My hardmode suggestion is to do sleuthing on creators with pseudonyms. What kind of work lends itself to pen names and why? Bonus points if you manage to keep away from ero work.

    • reversethieves says:

      That is a wonderful idea but might require a bit too much Japanese for either of us to handle. I have always been curious to learn more about
      Kanan. Who is this mysterious person who designed the Galaxy Angels?

      – Hisui

  9. Kazenokishi says:

    Happy Birthday!

    Why not do something like a series of articles that spotlight various industry members’ careers? You could do a retrospective on their body of work, analyze consistent themes/devices/conventions and talk about how said industry member seemed to develop over time. I personally think it would be interesting spotlighting people who are not quite as well-known in the west but still fairly influential to anime/manga as a medium.

    By the way, I was the Char you guys photographed for your AnimeNEXT article! I’m really enjoying the blog.

  10. Joe says:

    Congratulations on yr 3rd year! Three years does seem to be the Internet equivalent of reaching black belt, as few bloggers avoid burnout long enough to reach it. Even fewer manage to really come into their own like it seems you have.

    I’m interested in the current (and past) landscape of anime studios in Japan. Madhouse, Gainax, Gonzo, Production I.G., Bee Train, Toei… this is just a random list of names off the top of my head, and I’m rarely able to sort it into any kind of a clear picture. Who are the biggest players with the most money, who’s working out of a cramped office or garage, and how has this affected their projects over the years? And are there any common themes or trends in the titles they produce?

    In the same vein, what about the companies that adopt and distribute these titles to the rest of the world? Right Stuf, Aniplex, Media Blasters, Funimation, Bandai, Animeigo, etc. I guess I just want to understand the industry better, how companies big and small compete and coexist in a post-anime bubble world. I’m also curious about what happened to a few companies responsible for a good portion of my DVD collection (Geneon, US Manga Corps) and how the industry looked about a decade ago vs. today.

    A primer on both/either of these topics would be really helpful and interesting, however you or anyone chose to approach it. Just an idea.

    • reversethieves says:

      A stop light on Madhouse or Production I.G. might be interesting. I think it’s all about the mood hitting either Narutaki or I to talk about a studio. We tend to get more hyped about shows than studios. But studios are important.

      As for the US companies maybe a state of the industry roundup at the end of the year seems like something to think about.

      A reflection of the industry in general how who it’s changed article seems like a good topic. I will throw it on are always expanding list of things to talk about.

      – Hisui

      • Joe says:

        I just don’t understand animation studios and I feel that getting to know them better might help me appreciate their works from a new perspective. Maybe it might even make me into a regular fan who’d be more eager to check out their future offerings? Who knows? I try to figure out what they’re all about but like this article says, it’s hard to get firsthand information about any of them without being a longtime otaku or doing some serious Internet sleuthing:


  11. Will Robertson says:


    I’d love to see some hard numbers on the ol’ dolla-dolla bill. Is the US anime industry really as borked as we always hear? What is the cashflow on the licensing process (Original cost, advertising, sales, ect)? What’s the average time it takes for a company to see a profit on a title? How does the DVD market size up to figures, manga, and whatever else?

    It’s all about the Yukichis baby.

    • reversethieves says:

      That is always the most coveted types of information in fandom. It is also sadly information I have no access to. Like a Jackie Harvey column from the Onion I am so far from the inside of anything it is almost comical. I have to play with what little tidbits I get from random conversations and articles like everyone else. Maybe one day I will have some insider numbers and be cool as ice. Until it’s rampant speculation like the rest of the internet. ;)

      – Hisui

  12. Yoshiko says:

    Congratulations! Wow, 3 years.

    Hmm… I am getting interested in the history of Anime and Manga. You could do articles on early works and how these developed into the works we have today. You could also do articles on the history of certain genres in Anime and Manga. For example, you could write about the History of Shojo, or any other type. You could also have articles about key players in the field of Anime and Manga.

  13. Narutaki's Secret Admirer says:

    Three years in? The real adventure is only beginning.

    Reverse Thieves has already covered a pretty huge variety of content, from the standard reviews and analysis to the surveys and podcasts and all.

    However I don’t believe you guys have any video content, and the world is waiting for Narutaki in glorious anamorphic widescreen.

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