July’s Final Denouement: The Great Detective Knows

WARNING: Massive spoiler for pretty much all of Umineko no Naku Koro ni up to and including the 6th visual novel.

hisuiconIn an unusual twist I will have an actual Final Denouement as the this month’s Final Denouement. I’m going to use this as a sounding board for my crazy theory on what I think is going on in Umineko and even point a finger at who I think the the main mastermind behind the deaths on the chessboard is. I’m mostly curious to see what other people who have played the games think of my theory. I’m sure there are holes in this theory that I’m not seeing and I welcome any criticism. Of course this means if you have not read up to episode 5: End of the Golden Witch you should wait until because I will spoil parts of the story like nobody’s business.

My theory is that the killer is Battler Ushiromiya. Now you might quickly point to the fact that in episode 5 we are told that Battler-kun didn’t kill anyone. But we have also been told that multiple people can have the same name and this is the key to my theory. We are given hints throughout the series that there are two people named Battler. We know for a fact that the Battler we know is not Asumu’s son. We also know that before he dies in several games Rudolf mentions wanting to tell Battler something about his birth. From what I understand we also learn that Battler is in fact Kyrie’s son in the 6th episode. Which then begs the question. What happened to Asumu’s son? My theory is that for some reason we will probably not learn until the 7th episode that the two babies were switched.  This leads to them both having the name Battler at one point in time. The killer is the original baby named Battler Ushiromiya. The person we have be introduced to as Battler is in fact not the original Battler.

This would explain a great deal about some of the most confusing piece of red text in the game. Many of the murders that seem to have no one capable of committing them are much easier to solve with this idea. Lets look at two of the most head scratching mysteries in the whole game. It seems that Nanjo’s death at the end of the 3rd game and Battler’s death at the end of the 4th game could not be committed by anyone who was still alive as anyone who was still alive has an alibi or is stated in red as not being the killer. But if we allow for two people named Battler to be active then it explains how Nanjo was killed when everyone seemed to be accounted for. Battler #2 is being watched by Eva but Battler #1 is free to kill Nanjo. It also explains why Battler can be murdered when the only person on the island is Battler. Battler #1 kills Battler #2.

I assume that they use some sort of word play to count both people who can claim the name Battler as one person for the sake of head counts. This also get around the number of people on the island and lets someone operate at points where there should be no one able to do so. I also think this second Battler was on the island before the start of the game. In the side story Notes From a Certain Cook we see that Gohda has been finding magic circles around the mansion shortly before the conference has started. I think that this is supposed to be a major clue that the killer had snuck onto the island to set up their plan before the conference started.

My crazy conspiracy theory is that Juuza Amakusa is the original Battler. I admit this part of the theory is a bit strange but bear with me. For my theory to work it has to be someone we meet before the 5th game because they make a big deal that Knox rules are being used. That mean the killer has to have been mentioned before that point to still be valid under the rules. It’s interesting that they mention the rules very early on but only implement the rules over halfway though the game. But it makes sense if they had to wait to introduce someone in the 4th game. People also say that Juuza Amakusa character design makes him seem an awful lot like Battler. Another curious fact. Ange is listed as dying in 1998 at the end of episode 4 which seems strange all in all considering how the game ended. I think that it can’t be too hard to imagine that Juuza Amakusa is the person who kills her after she learns a little too much about the events on Rokkenjima.

I will admit I have yet to play Dawn of the Golden Witch. From what I have heard there is some evidence for the “Shannon and Kanon are the same person” theory but I will not believe that until I read that. I will admit while I have no idea what is going on with Hanyuu 2.0, who Beatrice really is, how Maria plays into things, or how any of the other magical portions tie into everything. I will also admit there are parts of this theory I just don’t have answers for. I easily admit I might be utterly wrong. The point of this article is to try to get people to try to think about the murder mystery part of the story while getting this theory off my chest at the same time. Please tell me what you think if you have played the games.


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