Nanako Fantasy Version Ω

Every year Type-Moon rolls out some special little treat for the fans on April Fools’ day since 2005 when they jokingly announced the Neco-Arc: The Movie. Some years the joke is more complex than others. Last year’s event seemed pretty simple as they were working hard on getting out Mahou Tsukai no Yoru which had been delayed several times. So they just had a poster for a Koha-Ace: Chemical Maid Kohaku movie and some accompanying Koha-Ace comics. But this year they went all out almost as if making up for the simple project they did last year. 2013 gave us a whole mini-visual novel around the most unlikely of heroines.

No. Not Bazett Fraga McRemitz. Lets not talk crazy talk. I mean a story surrounding the adventures of Satsuki Yumizuka aka Sacchin.

This was fairly complex as there was an intro page, a back story page, a cast page, and then 13 episodes of a visual novel that were released one episode at a time over the course of April Fools’ day. Most of the story is a Saint Seiya parody with a bit of Madoka thrown in the mix. There were a few chapters were you had to fight Pokemon style battles. (Thankfully you don’t need to do any EV training.) They took most of it down but people have saved it all if you know where to look. You can find the 13 raw episodes here if you missed them.

Rojiura SATSUKI Chapter Heroine Sanctuary is a story about 3 main members of the Back Alley Alliance Sacchin, Sion, and Riesbyfe (because Len was probably too good for this) trying to become gold ranked heroines. To do this they must fight their way up the ladder of popularity by defeating all the heroines above them in rank. They easily take out all the silver heroines but then their mentor Shiro is taken out in turn. So they vow to defeat the 12 Gold Heroines before the end of April 1. The 12 Gold Heroines are of course the “most popular” Type-Moon characters and therefore some tough customers. During the last leg of this journey they are joined by Ciel and Mysterious Heroine X who help them in their battle.

Man oh man did I enjoy this one. If for nothing else it teamed up my two favorite Type-Moon characters of Ciel and Saber…I mean Mysterious Heroine X. That alone made it wonderful.They should have these two go on buddy cop adventures all the time. That would make me very happy.

But they really added in some unexpected characters for the top 12 “most popular” Type-Moon characters. At first it almost seemed like it might actually be a top 12 list. I was a little surprised that Ayaka Sajyou would be in the top 12 but stranger things have happened. Rider being 11, Red Saber being 10, and Shiki Ryougi being 9 all sort of made sense. But when Strange Tail Girl was number 8 you knew that something was up. And there is no known universe where Kanata Ishizue is on the list of the most popular Type-Moon girl. Ever. But that means were get characters like Chikagi Katsuragi and Hibiki Hibino from the Type-Moon Mobile Site and Hinooka Homura from Fire Girl. And of course since 2013 is the year of Sakura that means the dark version of a certain purple haired girl showed up as well. But classic beloved characters like Arcueid, Akiha, Aoko Aozaki, and a very silly version of Joan of Arc appear as well to represent most of the major Type Moon properties. A few other characters pop up for cameos like Hisui, Touko, Stheno, Euryale, and Mordred just to round things out.

I was a little surprised Rin, Kohaku, Illyasviel, or any of the ladies from Fate/Zero did not appear. When everyone forgets that Caster is a woman who exists or Hanei Misawa is not included in a story no one is surprised. But leaving out Rin is crazy talk. To quote Nasu himself, “If Saber is the face of Fate/Stay Night, then Rin is the usher of the Fate Series.”

Also if you really wanted anyone from Notes, Canaan, Tsuki no Sango, or Girls’ Work I guess you will just have to hope they show up in the 2014 event. No love you this year V/V.

By the way I was a little surprised that Ultimate Satsuki was the final 13th boss. I expected it to either be Mysterious Heroine X betraying the party and revealing herself to be Serpentarius Saber or Taiga just being the wacko that she is.

But besides that there are some great jokes in the series. The fact that Mysterious Heroine X’s whole agenda is to take down all the damn Saber clones once and for all. And the greatest irony Mysterious Heroine X has just become another Saber variant added to the huge pile. Also now there is Red Saber Lion and Doggy Joan of Arc as well. The Saber clone army is eternal and forever growing.

The fact that the one Greek hero, Rider, has the most classically Saint Seiya Gold Saint styled outfit. The fact that everyone is surprised that Akiha comes out as a busty boar heroine but it just turns out she is using major padding. Or the fact that Sion has to transform into the Dust of Osiris to fight super powered Dark Sakura.

Also just look at this:

And then compare it to this:

And that is just what I could figure out without being able to read Japanese. I am sure I am missing some great dialog and comedic beats there as well. Hopefully someone will translate this little story so we fools who only read English can fully enjoy it. I would not mind a short OVA series that was this whole arc animated. I hesitantly say I might even pay Aniplex prices for it!

Also you could make a Mysterious Heroine X figure. I would buy that as well.

PS: Too add insult to injury on April 4th this was Joan of Arc’s profile on the official Fate/Apocrypha site. I am sure someone was less than pleased about that.


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