Archive 2011

December 2011

Ongoing Investigations: Case #150 Ocean Waves, Squid Girl S2, Ashita no Nadja eps. 5-6, UN-GO.
Hisui’s Sermon on the Mount Hisui guests on Erogebus again to talk about, you guessed it, Type-Moon.
Narutaki & Hisui VS. 2011 As is tradition, our top (and bottom) picks for the year.
Top 5 Type-Moon Moments for 2011 Hisui counts down a year of Type-Moon.
Lothos’ 2011 Secret Santa Review: Uchuu No Stellvia We were happy to let Lothos use our blog to participate in Secret Santa.
Secret Santa 2011 Project Reveal The results!
Metal Fighter Miku: Looking For Love, Looking for Stuff Our Secret Santa review didn’t make us want to kill people!
Fate/Zero TV #013: God the Author, Mankind the Actors, and Satan the Critic Hisui finishes up the first season.
Ongoing Investigations: Case #149 Arthur Christmas, Batman issue 2, Hayate the Combat Butler! Heaven is a Place on Earth, Kekkaishi vol. 29, Mardock Scramble movie 1, Mass Effect 2.
3 Wishes for the Holiday Genie We wrap up our holiday giveaway by talking about our own wishes.
All Points Bulletin: Mamoru Hosoda’s Ambition

Fate/Zero TV #012: Just when I thought I was out . . . they pull me back in. Hisui continues the journey through the TV series.
Ongoing Investigations: Case #148 Bad Machinery: Murder She Writes, Carnival Phantasm: Ex Season, Kamen Rider Fourze eps. 6-13, Mass Effect, Professor Layton and the Last Specter.
You Must Obtain the Answers to the Riddle of the Penguindrum! Any guesses about how this will end?
The Speakeasy #024: The Last Word, Looking Back on 2011 We discuss everything from the troubles of the Earthquake to too many old dudes jumping on the magical girl bandwagon.
Enter the Red Dragon Hisui talks about an upcoming role-playing project with some big names.
Give Yourself the Gift of Revolutionary Girl Utena The extras on the Nozomi release of the series make it all the more valuable.
All Points Bulletin: The Brave Red Dragon
Fate/Zero TV #011: Rider is the Greatest Raoh Tribute Character EVER! Hisui continues the journey through the TV series.
Ongoing Investigations: Case #147
One Piece Fishman Island Arc, Carnival Phantasm: Ilya’s Castle Special, Wonder Woman ch. 2, Supergirl ch. 2, The Drops of God vol. 1, The Fantastic Mr. Fox.
Mass Effect: Holding Out for a (Good Female) Hero Hisui ponders about female leads in video games.
Fujoshi Dossier Co-Conspirator Hisui contributed a little help to Ogiue Maniax’s Fujoshi Files.
Turning Holiday Wishes into Reality Our annual holiday giveaway has begun!
All Points Bulletin: Season’s Beatings

Fate/Zero TV #010: Rin Tohsaka, Magical P.I. Hisui continues the journey through the TV series.
Ongoing Investigations: Case #146 Kara no Shojo, Sailor Moon vol. 2, Princess Knight vol. 1, Happiness is a Warm Blanket, Charlie Brown, The Silver Lining, Rango.
Manga of the Month: Codename Sailor V
Narutaki picks the manga that Sailor Moon is a sequel to.

November 2011

Mawaru Penguindrum’s Visual Library Look before you leap in a world created by director Ikuhara.
Is There More to the Boy Who Would be King? Hisui looks at Leonardo B. Harwey and his role in Fate/Extra.
Interrogating the Brainwasher Detective An interview with Hisui is up on Anit-Social Geniuses.
All Points Bulletin: Marisa Stole The Precious LEGO

Fate/Zero TV #009: Death Flags Are Raised Hisui continues the journey through the TV series.
Ongoing Investigations: Case #145 Carnival Phantasm S2, Guilty Crown eps. 2-7, Kawaii! JenNy eps. 1-2, Kekkaishi vols. 27-28, Swamp Thing ch. 2, UN-GO eps. 2-7.
This Year I Am Thankful for Fate/Zero in Particular Plus a special surprise from Love Guru Hisui.
The Speakeasy #023: Royal Shakespeare, The Art of Storytelling How (not) to critic a story.
The Veef Fires the Macross Cannon Hisui asked a question which spawned a discussion.
Black Rose Arc: All Killer but How Much Filler? There is a debate about the relevance of Revolutionary Girl Utena’s middle arc, we aim to settle it.
All Points Bulletin: Racing to the Theater for the Trailers

Fate/Zero TV #008: Alchemical Monofilament Falcon of Death Hisui continues the journey through the TV series.
Ongoing Investigations: Case #144 Gladstone’s School for World Conquerors ch. 1, Breathe Deeply, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (comic) ch. 1, Gundam Unicorn ep. 4, Legend, Macross Frontier: The Wings of Goodbye.
Fate/Extra’s Saber Route: Bisexual Girlgamesh is Sure to be Popular Hisui reviews the first time through this recently released in English Type-Moon game.
Petite Fille Japonaise Contre La France
Hisui renames Croisee in a Foreign Labyrinth’s epsiodes.
Bonus Round – Tofu Fast, Tofu Furious
We guest review Initial D S1.
All Points Bulletin: The First Great Dragon*Con Robbery
Fate/Zero TV #007: Quicksilver is an Alchemist’s Best Friend Hisui continues the journey through the TV series.
Ongoing Investigations: Case #143 A Dance with Dragons, Blood-C ep. 12, Codename Sailor V vol. 1, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kira ep. 2, Last Exile: Fam the Silver Wing ep. 1, Once Upon a Time ep. 1-2.
May I suggest a Château Rieussec Sauternes 2001 with your Drops of God?
Verical Vednesday is back with wine tasting!
Shirabe Ako and the Eye of the Beholder A little discussion on Suite Precure and its fandom.
Red vs. Blue: Saber Edition Hisui breaks down the difference between Sabers.
Otaku NYC: Yoshinoya A Japanese fast-food chain which once held legendary status.
All Points Bulletin: Nothing but Hisui Links!
Fate/Zero TV #006: Kiritsugu’s Performance Brings Down the House Hisui continues the journey through the TV series.
Fate/Fact of the Matter A look at Fate/Extra’s limited-edition goodies.
Win Nagi Sanzenin’s Money Hisui has a figure fan challenge. (answers)
Stand up to the Anniversary! Hisui joins the fun on Gundamn!’s call-in anniversary podcast!
Manga of the Month: Twin Spica
The most tender story about space.

October 2011

No Case Too Small: Urusei Yatsura For Halloween we both talk about Urusei Yatsura’s homage to Agatha Christie.
All Points Bulletin: Fate/Marvel Extra
Fate/Zero TV #005: Magical Mexican Standoff Up to the minute coverage from Hisui!
Ongoing Investigations: Case #142 Sailor Moon vol. 1, Suite Precure eps. 13-35, Worlds’ Greatest First Love S2 eps. 1-3, Gundam AGE eps. 2-3, Young Justice eps. 10-12, Hayate the Combat Butler chs. 334-342.
NY Comic Con 2011: Venture Bros. Hisui’s special access report.
S.W.A.T. Reviews: Fall 2011 Pt. 3 We end our season review with Guilty Crown and UN-GO from the Noitamina block.
NY Comic Con & Anime Festival 2011: Screenings A now big component of the convention.
NY Comic Con & Anime Festival 2011: Panels Panels are always a highlight, but they are a bit different at this con.
We were supposed to talk about NYCC for an hour . . . Narutaki talks with Ed Sizemore and others on Manga Out Loud.
All Points Bulletin: The Last Unicorn is Found at NYCC

Fate/Zero TV #004: I’m Too Sexy for this Grail War Hisui’s insights bring all the boys to the yard.
NY Comic Con & Anime Festival 2011: Exhibitors Hall At this convention this is one of the major draws.
ANN Interviews Minagoroshi no Gen Urobuchi
Hisui asked the questions for this ANN exclusive.
The Speakeasy #022: Berliner Weisse mit Schuss, A Legend of the Galactic Heroes Discussion Long, long, long podcast.
14 Batman Titles and Some Comics With Other Characters We guest on the First Issue podcast to talk about the New 52.
Fate/Zero TV #003: For the moment, our biggest obstacle will be this “Clinton” guy! Hisui and the President love Type-Moon.
NY Comic Con & Anime Festival 2011: The App Hisui saw big improvements but room to grow.
NY Comic Con & Anime Festival 2011: General Impressions
Things were big and bold in NYCC land but a little sad for NYAF.
NY Comic Con & Anime Festival 2011: Tweets Our convention experience in quick snippets.
Batman, Spider-Man, Luke Skywalker, and Naruto All Under One Roof Our NYCC preview.
S.W.A.T. Reviews: Fall 2011 Pt. 2 We take a quick look at Mobile Suit Gundam AGE, Persona 4, Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai, Future Diary, and Ben-to.
Otaku NYC: Japan Society Narutaki helps you get more cultural mileage out of your trip.
Otaku NYC: Kinokuniya Hisui trackles the biggest and brightest Japanese bookstore in NYC.
Otaku NYC: Cafe Zaiya Narutaki tells you where to get an authentic Japanese lunch experience.
All Points Bulletin: Caricatures of Mecha Hitler
Fate/Zero TV #002: Never Enough Saber Hisui continues episode blogging the Saber show.
Ongoing Investigations: Case #141
GEN magazine vols. 3-4 (featuring Wolf, KAMEN, Souls, VS Aliens, Sorako), Bakuman S2 ep. 1, Kamen Rider Fourze eps. 1-5, Twin Spica vol. 9, Squid Girl S2 eps. 1-2, Terra Nova eps. 1-3.
S.W.A.T. Reviews: Fall 2011 Pt. 1 We take a quick look at Phi Brain – Puzzle of God, Chihayafuru, You and Me, and Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere.
Let me Fansplain something to you. Hisui coins a new term thanks to all the hubbub surrounding Catwoman and Starfire in the DC’s New 52.
Bonus Round – An Encore Performance We review S2 of Kaleido Star and the OVAs.
Call of Kris Kringle: The 3rd Annual Secret Santa Project
All Points Bulletin: Rolling Katamari in SPAAAAACE!

Fate/Zero TV #001: This Kirei Kotomine Seems Like a Trustworthy Chap Hisui’s episode blogging this new Type-Moon series and starts off with a doozy of a post.
Manga of the Month: Saint Young Men Narutaki’s pick is as hilarious and controversial as they come.

September 2011

Ongoing Investigations: Case #140 Hark! A Vagrant book launch, Yoko Tsuno: On the Edge of Life, Hanasaku Iroha end, New Ultimate Spider-Man ch. 1, Croisee in a Foreign Labyrinth end.
Don’t Get TOO Attached to Anyone Hisui guest appears on the Eroge Bus podcast to discuss Kara no Shojo.
Reading the New DCU Narutaki tackles the new push in superhero comics.
The Gravity of Fate
Lots of Fate/Zero news that Hisui can’t help but write up!
Hisui Dream Diary #1 Hisui had an amusing dream involving some of the blogosphere.
Anime 101 Pretend you are teaching a class about anime, what titles would be on your list?
All Points Bulletin: 8-Bit Scott Pilgrim vs. the Mountain People
Breakfast with Makoto Shinkai A recording from the Otakon press conference with Makoto Shinkai.
Ongoing Investigations: Case #139 Sacred Seven eps. 9-12, Stolen Hearts vol. 2, Detectives Comics ch. 1, Superboy ch. 1, Batman: The Long Halloween, Twin Spica vols. 7-8.
Otaku NYC: Duet 35 & 48
Narutaki tells you where you can get a Japanese karaoke experience.
The Speakeasy #021: Golden Dream, Digital Revolution
Everything is going digital, we discuss the pros and cons.
Tiger and Bunny: Single Dad Saves Superheroes We discuss all the things Tiger and Bunny does right with superheroes.
All Points Bulletin: Superman and Kenshiro, Ultimate Alliance
Ongoing Investigations: Case #138 Burn Notice: A New Day, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 7 vols. 7-20, Laddertop vol. 1, Captain America: Winter Soldier, Action Comics #1 (New 52).
Jojo’s Bizarre Survival Guide Hisui lets you know how to make it through a Jojo’s story.
Otaku NYC: General Info Hisui gives some basic tips for fellow otaku visiting the big city.
Urusei Yatsura Movie 1: Only You
We are going to review all the Lum movies so of course we start with the first.
All Points Bulletin: Char Summons His Persona at the Miyavi Concert
Carnival Phantasm #002: Nobody Loves Ciel Hisui continues this series.
Ongoing Investigations: Case #137 Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 6 vols. 7-17, Croisee in a Foreign Labyrinth eps. 2-7, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 7 vols. 1-6, New Avengers vol. 10, Pretty Cure Max Heart eps. 1-20, Disney’s Vinylmation Robots Series.
Comic Strips on the Internet! How Novel! Hisui expounds about the webcomics he reads.
Her Name is Rio and She Dances on The Sand Hisui guest stars on the Eeeper’s Choice Podcast to talk about this infamous series.
All Points Bulletin: My Little LEGO Ponies: The Justice League is Magic
Carnival Phantasm #001: Nobody Loves Shiro Hisui starts episode blogging this new Type-Moon series on Shance’s blog.
Ongoing Investigations: Case #136 Detective Conan: Strategy Above the Depths (movie 9), Hayate the Combat Butler vol. 15, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 6 vols. 1-6, Spider-Man: One More Day, Kekkaishi vols. 25-26, Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes eps. 8-26.
Manga of the Month: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Hisui’s pick just gets crazier as it goes along.

August 2011

Completing a Series Narutaki discusses her approach to watching a show to the end.
Redline: Always Bet On JP We loved Redline and so should you.
All Points Bulletin: The 8-Bit Jack Kirby Documentary Tour

Ongoing Investigations: Case #135 Mawaru Penguindrum eps. 2-7, Detective Conan OVA 11: A Secret Order from London, Runaways Dead Wrong and Rock Zombies, Sacred Seven eps. 2-7, Suite Precure eps. 20-27, Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes eps. 1-7.
The Speakeasy #020: The GaoGaiGar, Learning to Love Robots We tackle mecha anime for beginners.
Hisui Does a Podcast in Pajamas OSMcast and Hisui recorded a late night podcast from Otakon.
Brave Police JManga Poll
JManga Beta: Legends of the True Savior or Chapter of Death in Love?
We take a look at the ups and (mostly) downs of this new digital manga portal.
All Points Bulletin: The Detectives of Section 9 Rescue the Dinosaurs of Oz
Ongoing Investigations: Case #134 Ashita no Nadja eps. 1-4, Thundercats (2011) eps. 1-4, Adieu Galaxy Express, All Around Type-Moon: Ahnenerbe no Nichijou, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kira, American Born Chinese.
Shinobu Miyake: Otoko nan te!!! Hisui takes a closer examination of Urusei Yatsura’s Shinobu.
Otaku NYC: Go! Go! Curry
Hisui and many others agree Go! Go! has the best Japanese curry around.
Nervous in the (Fan-)Service
We discuss the growing rift between fans for and against fan-service.
All Points Bulletin: The Avengers VS. Zelda at the Anime Convention, 20th Anniversary Edition

Ongoing Investigations: Case #133 Tsukihime PLUS+DISC, Trigun: Badlands Rumble, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 5, Bunraku, Heartcatch Precure movie, Scooby Doo! Mystery Incorporated S1 end.
Manga of the Month: Penguin Revolution Narutaki’s pick is a little late thanks to Otakon.
Otakon 2011: The Guidebook App Hisui reviews this helpful new tool.
The Speakeasy – Crime Scene Investigations #002: Otakon 2011 Our recording from Friday night of the convention.
Otakon 2011: Makoto Shinkai and Children Who Chase Lost Voices from Deep Below
A quick review of his new film and words from the man himself.
All Points Bulletin: Land of a Thousand Podcasts
Otakon 2011: Fan Panels Always the heart of a convention, this year boasted immense talent.
Otakon 2011: Industry Otakon manages to keep industry panels interesting.
Otakon 2011: Guests Hisui takes a closer look at the Japanese guests.
Otakon 2011: General Impressions Our overall feelings on the convention as a whole.
Otakon 2011: Tweets
Now with Narutaki and Hisui!

July 2011

Otakon 2011: The Convention Promised in Our Early Days We preview the con.
Podcasting the Highlights of Summer Hisui talks summer anime and cons on the Nigorimasen podcast.
A Burning Heart to Heart Podcast Narutaki guest stars on Podlabor to celebrate Brave Police J-Decker.
S.W.A.T. Reviews: Summer 2011 Single episode podcasts are our fresh approach to the new season of anime.
All Points Bulletin: Wonder Woman’s Bizzare Adventure Part 4: Mickey Mouse is Unbreakable
Ongoing Investigations: Case #132 Broken Blade movie 5, Captain America: The First Avenger, Jojo Bizarre Adventure Part 4, Winnie the Pooh movie, Toradora! vol. 2.
A PSA from Scooby Doo! Mystery Incorporated Narutaki’s sees an unexpected short at the movies.
Nine Spiral: Gackt Played By Gackt
Narutaki reviews Gackt’s voice appearance in Sket Dance.
Pretty Cure Merchandise: Welcome to the Machine Hisui is in awe of their efficiency when it comes to a marketing blitz.
Legend of the Galactic Heroes Movies: The Beginning is the End of a Legend The last pieces of the puzzle.
All Points Bulletin: Alfred Hitchcock Presents Super Robot Wars
Ongoing Investigations: Case #131 Buddha: The Great Departure, Galaxy Express 999 movie, GEN magazine vol. 2 (featuring Wolf, KAMEN, Souls, VS Aliens), Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Parts 1 and 2.
The Speakeasy #019: Sherlock Holmes, On the Trail of Detective Anime Pt. 1 We finally tackle some basics of detective anime and manga.
Carnival of the Moon Hisui let’s out his enthusiasm for this new Type-Moon project.
Otaku NYC: Donburiya Narutaki can’t get enough of their amazing katsu-don!
Gosick Final Thoughts: After the Funeral
We look back on the show as a whole and discuss the experience of episode blogging it.
All Points Bulletin: A Moonlit Stroll for a Teenage Superhero
Ongoing Investigations: Case #130 Ano Hana finale, Pretty Cure, GEN magazine vol. 1 (featuring Wolf, KAMEN, Souls, VS Aliens), Hayate the Combat Butler live action ep. 1, Kekkaishi vol. 24.
Otaku NYC: Otafuku
Hisui tells you where to get Japanese street food!
Tim Burton to Issho Narutaki talks about this unexpected reference in Tono to Issho S2.
Gosick #024: From Here to Eternity (finale) Gosick wraps up in a dramatic and satisfying final act.
Happy 4th Anniversary, Reverse Thieves!
All Points Bulletin: Batman and Kaneda Investigate the Legend of the Galactic Ponies at AnimeNEXT
July’s Manga of the Month: Steel Angel Kurumi Hisui picks a guilty pleasure for July.
Ongoing Investigations: Case #129 Conscience, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 8: Jojolion chs. 1-2, Kekkaishi vol. 24, Slayers: Light Magic, Tono to Issho S2, World’s Greatest First Love.

June 2011

Kara no Shojo: Reiji Tokisaka’s Erotic Detective Agency Hisui reviews the demo version of this visual novel English release.
Otaku NYC: Uniqlo Narutaki tells you where to pick up some cool digs.
Gosick #023: Sauville is about to E.X.P.L.O.D.E. Fire rains down in Sauville leading up to the finale.
AGE of Despair We discuss the pessimism in the Gundam fan community.
Ongoing Investigations: Case #128 Blade of the Immortal vol. 23, Explosion!, Hi-Speed Jecy, Model Suit Gunpla Builders Beginning G, Scooby Doo! Mystery Incorporated eps. 15-19, Slayers: The Hourglass of Falces.
A Bite of Sushi: The Crunchyroll iPod App
Hisui recounts the experience of Crunchyroll on the small(er) screen.
The Accidental Pirate Narutaki wonders about the prevalence of unintentional piracy.
Gosick #022: A Donnie Darko Christmas Moster rabbits! No, really.
Legend of the Galactic Heroes Gaiden 2: Spiral Labyrinth We review the last major chunk of this epic space opera.
AnimeNEXT 2011: Panels
Our final and most lengthy part of the report.
The Speakeasy #018: Ghostbuster, A Kekkaishi Introduction
A lot of events converge so we felt compelled to do a podcast.
AnimeNEXT 2011: Artist Alley
Narutaki takes a stroll through artist alley.
AnimeNEXT 2011: Production I.G The staff who brought you Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex and Eden of the East among others.
AnimeNEXT 2011: General Impressions
An overview of this year’s event.
Gosick #021: The Prestige The final act of this mystery has a few surprises in store.
AnimeNEXT 2011: Tweets Narutaki’s journey in micro form.
Bonus Round – Monkey Mice, Surf Ninja Elephants, and Incest We get to review the joyous remaster of Revolutionary Girl Utena Pt.1.
Chiharu Harukaze and the Straight Talk Express Hisui learns a little something about doujinshi.
AnimeNEXT 2011: The Next are not only in Sternbild City
Our preview for the con.
After War Gundam X: A World Without Char Hisui discusses why Char is so intergal to Newtypes.
Gosick #020: Double Trouble It’ll take two to solve this mystery!
The Secret Nanami Diary
A little humor and a little character study of Revolutionary Girl Utena’s resident mean girl.
Ongoing Investigations: Case #127 A Certain Scientific Railgun vol. 1, Ghost in the Shell: Solid State Society, Code Geass: Queen and Knight, Brave Police J-Decker eps. 22-43, Fate/Stay Night: Magic Gunner Rin, Detective Conan VS. Wooo ep. 1.
Bonus Round – Cat Scratch Fever Our review of Guin Saga Pt. 1.
Manga of the Month: Neighborhood Story
One of Ai Yazawa’s earlier works.

May 2011

Gosick #019: She Got Teen Pregnant The truth about Victorique’s birth is revealed.
Togusa: A Regular Guy in A Cyber World We discuss his role in Section 9 as well as in the Ghost in the Shell philosophy.
Ongoing Investigations: Case #126 Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2nd Gig eps. 9-26, The Rough Guide to Manga, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, [C]: Control: The Money and Soul of Possibility eps. 2-6, Ano Hana ep. 6, Blue Exorcist eps. 2-6.
Why we don’t do manga secret santa.
Many have asked, now we explain.
Guin Saga: Changing the Spots of a Leopard We discuss some of the differences between the novels and anime.
Gosick #018: Murder on the Convent Express
One of the more action-based episodes in the series.
Bonus Round – The Amazing Rosetta & Chums Circus We review Kaleido Star S1.
Ongoing Investigations: Case #125 Blood Alone vol. 1, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2nd Gigi eps. 1-8, Ano Hana eps. 2-5, Korekuraide Utau, Suite Precure eps. 11-14, Kaleido Star S2 eps. 1-7.
The Speakeasy #017: Viking Funeral, The Life and Death of Tokyopop
We can’t say it all but we try to celebrate Tokyopo as a whole.
Gosick #017: MythBusters Big surprises continue to be revealed as we get a sort of end to this mystery.
Kinokuniya: Natsume Ono Q&A and Signing A small but informative event with the creator of House of Five Leaves and Ristorante Paradiso among other things.
Ongoing Investigations: Case #124 Brave Police J-Decker eps. 1-21, Moshidora ep. 1, Parapheranlia, Votoms: Finder OVA, Hanashaku Iroha eps. 4-6, Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 Portable.
Don’t expect us to explain Star Driver. We make a guest appearance on Podlabor!
Maho Shojo Madoka Magica Max Heart StrikerS
Hisui theorizes how you could franchise the show.
Gosick #016: Maria-holic The curtain for the final act looks to lifting as Victorique is whisked away!
Secret Yuri Conspiracy?
There is a growing group of people who see yuri in everything.
Bonus Round – Blood Rubies Are Forever Narutaki (mostly) discusses the first Dragonball movie.
The Transformers Influence? Narutaki ponders why there aren’t more shows like Transformers.
No Case Too Small: Yankee-kun to Megane-chan Hisui discusses a mystery in an unexpected series.
Gosick #015: The Mysterious Hidden Rooms of Gold The alchemist mystery is revealed as is some family history.
A Little GoLion and A Little Voltron: A Sym-Bionic Titan Tribute This show combines elements in a way that deserves praise.
May’s Manga of the Month: GTO Shonan 14 Days New Onizuka? Why not!

April 2011

Ongoing Investigations: Case #123 Level Up, Maria+Holic Alive eps. 1-3, Detective Conan: Jolly Roger in the Deep Azure (movie 11), Mazinkaiser SKL eps. 2-3, Batman Year One.
Winter Wrap Up Hisui assesses the endings of A Certain Magical Index II, Kimi ni Todoke S2, Star Driver, Fractale, Super Robot Wars OG: The Inspector, Wandering Son, Bakuman, Level E, and Maho Shojo Madoka Magica.
Paved with Good Intentions: A Reflection on Homura
Akemi Narutaki looks at Madoka’s dark magical girl.
Gosick #014: Mystery Solvers Club Part two of the clocktower murders gives us more character interaction than clues.
Funimation Stavromula Beta We give a rundown on the good and bad of the new Funimation streaming community.
Ongoing Investigations: Case #122 One Piece x Toriko Special, What A Wonderful World vol. 1, Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes, Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi: Onodera Ritsu no Baai, Maria+Holic vols. 4-5.
Spring 2011 Anime Guide Part 2: Fast and the Furious
Get some action with a little substance or watch the list of our dropped titles.
The Speakeasy #016: Fantasy Island, A Primer on Fantasy
Anime We yammer on about western fantasy settings in anime.
Gosick #013: “Pull Tab” for Murder
Pop-up books can lead to murder.
Spring 2011 Anime Guide Part 1: Melpomene and Thalia
The choicest (and not-so) pieces of comedy and drama from the new season.
Ongoing Investigations: Case #121
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic eps. 1-10, Twin Spica vol. 5, Fantastic Four: Hitachi Data Systems, Suite Precure eps. 3-8, Game of Thrones food truck, Young Justice eps. 1-9.
Mickey the 100th Nendoroid
Narutaki shows off this milestone figure.
Castle Point Anime Convention 2011
Hisui attends panels and meets up with friends at this small con in New Jersey.
Gosick #012: This reminds me of a puzzle!
No mystery but more character development.
Legend of the Galactic Heroes Gaiden 1: A Hundred Billion Stars, A Hundred Billion Lights The first batch of side-stories are just as good as the original OVA.
Ongoing Investigations: Case #120 Toradora! vol. 1, Rain Town, Supernatural (anime) eps. 1-13, Fireball Charming ep. 1, Time Jam: Valerian & Laureline.
Kagetsu Tohya, Tsukihime 2: Beautiful Dreamer Find out Hisui’s feelings on Type-Moon’s sequel to the very popular Tsukihime.
Gosick #011: Matthew 5:13 sounds really awkward out of context. The first single episode story of the series is a bit of history.
Character Building Exercises We discuss how character is developed in video games adds a unique flavor is storytelling.
April’s Manga of the Month: Kekkaishi Narutaki’s pick is wrapping up this month in Japan.
New Anime Magazine Launches! Our addition to April Fool’s Day, enjoy!

March 2011

The Day After Hisui starts to wonder how the earthquake and tsunami will affect anime in the coming years.
Mickey Mouse Pook-A-Looz Narutaki looks at this new plushie line.
Broken Blade Movie 4: The Land of Disaster, Krisna Has a Questionable HR Department The fourth film leaves us feeling a bit let down.
Ongoing Investigations: Case #119 Gundam Unicorn ep. 3, Out of Sight, Princess Tutu eps. 14-26, Switch OVA, Kara no Kyoukai Movie 8, Neuro: Supernatural Detective ep. 1.
The OVA Reborn? Hisui postulates on whether OVAs have taken the form of films.
Santa Jack Skellington Revoltech Narutaki shows off this highly posable figure from The Nightmare Before Christmas.
Gosick #010: The Blue-Handed League The final battle between Kazuya and a department store finally comes to a head.
New York International Children’s Film Festival 2011 A look at three films and three shorts we saw at this year’s Festival.
Blogging, Podcasting, and Playing for Japan Some more ways you can contribute the the relief effort.
Darkness is only driven out with light, not more darkness. Hisui talks about Wandering Son’s Saori Chiba on a personal level.
The Speakeasy #015: The Geneva Convention, For the love of cons. We invite Tom (Calaggie) on to talk everything convention related.
Otakus Help Japan An appeal to donate to the relief efforts to help Japan after the March 11th earthquake.
Ongoing Investigations: Case #118 Saint Seiya Lost Canvas: Part 1, Vampire Cheerleaders, Wandering Son eps. 2-8, Radiant Historia, The Road to El Dorado, Princess Tutu eps. 1-13.
Epcot’s Japan ups its trendy wares.
A trendy new section has expanded in Epcot’s Japanese shopping mall.
Couldn’t resist a Scoobycast!
Narutaki makes a guest appearance on Manga Out Loud to talk about Scooby Doo.
Gosick #009: Kazuya Kujo and the Deadly Shopping Trip A new mystery begins but without Victorique?
The Show Must Go On Our picks of seven anime that need to be continued.
Bonus Round – No Shoes, No Pants, But Still Lots of Service Hisui braves the world of Strike Witches to bring you this review.
Ongoing Investigations: Case #117
Suite Precure eps. 1-4, Galaxy Angel I for PC, Otomen vols. 1-2, Baccano!, Ice Wanderer.
All Right, Mr. DeMille, I’m Ready For My Close-Up What Hisui learned while attending auditions for a documentary.
March’s Manga of the Month: Hayate the Combat Butler
The story of an unfortunate domestic servant and his otaku employer.
Gosick #008: Dear Seyrun, Don’t Soak Your Buildings in Lamp Oil
All the questions of the Village of the Gray Wolves are answered.

February 2011

Broken Blade Movie 3: Scars from an Assassin’s Blade, Mecha Porn The Broken Blade movie for everyone who thought there was too much talking in the first two.
Ongoing Investigations: Case #116 Gunslinger Girl omnibus 1 (vols.1-3), Detective Conan: Full Score of Fear (movie 12), Deadman Wonderland vols. 1-2, The Stellar Six vol.1, Oishinbo: Pub Food.
Taken in for questioning. Narutaki makes an appearance on Anime3000’s 20 Questions.
No Case Too Small: The Venture Bros. Hisui takes a look at a noir version of The Venutre Bros.
Gosick #007: Burning Man 1924 The body count rises at the solstice festival.
The Bill 156 Factor A follow-up article to our podcast about the new Tokyo Youth Ordinance legislation.
The Speakeasy – Crime Scene Investigations #001: Genericon 2011 We sat down with Anime World Order for an off the cuff discussion about Genericon.
Ongoing Investigations: Case #115
Amnesia Labyrinth vol. 1, Heartcatch Precure!, Banner of the Stars II, Toriko vols. 1-3, Karakuri Odette vols. 2-3.
Otaku NYC: Hiroko’s Place A little place in SoHo good for a some Japanese home-cooking.
The Speakeasy #014: Kill Bill, The Tokyo Youth Ordinance Bill Our first guests, Eeeper and Ed Sizemore, join in a discussion on the controversial censorship ruling.
Gosick #006: Cold Case Files A stolen plate and a mysterious summons.
Genericon 2011
Our con report from this RPI convention in the depths of winter!
The Pose Hisui discusses a painful but popular trick.
Star Driver to the Future Who knew Star Driver and Back to the Future would share something common.
Gosick #005: Legend of the Golden Fairy A phantom thief arrives!
Major S1: The Natural Our review of season 1 of the seminal baseball story Major.
Ongoing Investigations: Case #114 Detective Conan OVA 1-9, Ghost Trick, Spice and Wolf II, Spice and Wolf novel 1, Kimi ni Todoke S2 eps. 1-3, Kowarekake no Orgel OVA.
My Introduction to European Geekery
Narutaki’s trip to Europe was an enlightening one.
February’s Manga of the Month: Bunny Drop An irresistible story about family.
Gosick #004: Don’t Lose Your Head A new mystery starts when Kazuya is accused of murder!

January 2011

Keeping Up with the Yamadas Watching anime at the speed of Japan can change your perspective.
Ongoing Investigations: Case #113 Incredible Change-Bots vol. 2, Arakawa Under the Bridge x Bridge, Twin Spica vol. 4, Mazinkaiser SKL ep. 1, Senko no Night Raid.
If She Weighs the Same as a Duck: A Maho Shojo Madoka Magica Post Hisui makes a prediction for this magical girl series that has everyone talking.
No Case Too Small: Heroman In episode 20 of Heroman, Holly can’t contain her love for detectives!
Gosick #003: You Think There’s a Traitor Among Us The last leg of the journey.
Gantz movie 1: Do Not Taunt Happy Fun Ball
This movie based on the popular manga premiered in the U.S. at almost the same time as Japan.
Karakuri Odette vol. 1: My Life as a Teenage Robot For this month’s MMF we looked at a shojo robot series!
Ongoing Investigations: Case #112 Hermes: Winds of Love, Jellyfish Princess, Loups=Garous, Squid Girl, Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru.
The Speakeasy #013: Gin and Tonic, The Ebb and Flow of American Taste A podcast about the changes and lack thereof in the tastes of American anime fans.
Gosick #002: They’re on a Boat!
Cruising towards the meat of the first case of Kazuya and Victorique.
Winter 2011 Anime Guide Pt. 2: You want Paradise Part 2 of the Winter 2011 Anime viewing guide. Cross dressing, Hugh Jackman, demon babies, Rie Kugimiya, aliens, and beautiful boys.
Winter 2011 Anime Guide Pt. 1: Cold as Ice Part 1 of the Winter 2011 Anime viewing guide. Math, boobs, mecha, magical girls, children’s card games, and unfathomable horrors.
Ongoing Investigations: Case #111 Umineko no Naku Koro ni: Requiem of the Golden Witch, How to Train Your Dragon, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni: Tsumihoroboshi-hen, Yumeiro Patissiere Professional eps. 5-12, 999: 9 Hours, 9 People, 9 Doors, Nodame Cantabile movie 1.
Durarara!!: The Dub A look at Aniplex’s dub of Durarara!! and how much it adds to their new DVD release.
Bakuman’s 90s-ness makes me happy. A retro feel can be just right.
Gosick #001: M is for Murder and Moe
Our foray into seeing what episodic blogging is like with Gosick.
CONTEST + The Dirty Pair TV Pt. 1: Do Lovely Angels Prefer Chest Hair? Love is a Russian Roulette for these two beauties from the World Welfare Works Association. A review plus we are giving away the first box to one lucky reader.
Ume Note: Kimi ni Todoke tips its hat to Death Note?
What exactly does that notebook do anyway?
Ongoing Investigations: Case #110
Bihada Ichizoku, Aura Battler Dunbine eps. 1-15, Gundam Unicorn ep. 2, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai: Meakashi-hen, Legend of Legendary Heroes, Mirai Nikki OVA.
The Secret Santa and Holiday Giveaway Round Up
We look at the result of the 2nd Secret Santa project and the licenses picked by readers during the Holiday Giveaway.
Ode to Broken Things
Sometimes it is the imperfect shows that lead to much greater changes in how we look at a medium.
The numbers are in for 2010! A look on how the site has grown since the move to
January’s Manga of the Month: Afterschool Charisma
It is not just Japanese Clone High.

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