The December 2017 Line-Up

The Line-Up is a monthly rundown of new anime, manga, novel, and artbook licenses for the U.S. It also lists new streaming/broadcasting announcements and posted crowdfunding projects available to U.S. residents. And finally, it includes anime/manga projects and live-action anime/manga adaptation announcements from Japan.

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Manga of the Month: Shojo Fight

Shojo Fight by Yoko Nihonbashi

I’m very glad that sports series have been gaining so much momentum in the U.S., but there still are too few women-centered ones to enjoy in English. But never fear because now we have Shojo Fight!

Neri is on an all-star middle school volleyball team, but even in her third-year she’s the lowest rung and barely putting in the effort to be there. However, she is more than capable and it comes out in small moments noticed by few. Turns out Neri is hiding a passionate devotion to volleyball and a sometimes belligerent attitude that isolated her in elementary school.

Like many sports series, Neri is having trouble moving past an unexpected death in her life. Her grief has driven a wedge between Neri and volleyball, Neri and her friends, Neri and herself. Just as she starts reconnecting, a fateful meeting with a coach gives her the final push she needs.

Shojo Fight has a classic sports setup while still feeling fresh. It has the passion, the humor, and the sadness it should. On top of that is Yoko Nihonbashi’s unique art style which has thick, graphic lines and detailed use of screentone has the feel of something more Western.


All the Titles Fit to License, 2017 Edition

There were more than twice the amount of manga licensed compared to anime this year. A whopping 240+ manga licenses were announced! That is surprising since the amount of titles picked up in 2016 had dropped from 2015 and were hovering closer to the low-100s. Even more shocking was that more than 70 of the 2017 titles were licensed by Seven Seas alone.

Anime licenses were hovering around 100 which is a little lower than last year. The big takeaway from this year was how little Funimation licensed with a mere 12 titles. Just 4 Aniplex licenses and none from Pony Canyon as well. Light novel licenses were about the same. And crowdfunding campaigns continued to increase but more on the creation side rather than the licensing side.

As a reminder, this list does not include streaming-only anime and manga. And as always, let us know if we missed anything.

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