New York Comic Con 2012: The Rarest Treasure

(note: No Ongoing Investigations or All Points Bulletin this week.)

You might ask what the rarest treasure is? Faberge Eggs? Stradivarius Violins? Ming Vases? Etruscan Bronze Chariots? Those are all a dime a dozen compared to the real treasure that can be found at the NYCC this year: mangaka! The New York Anime Festival might be dead but the New York Comic Convention is not looking too shabby this year in terms of manga related guests.

Masakazu Ishiguro, Moyoco Anno, Masakazu Katsura, and Nagumo are all going to be there. Considering their hectic schedules a single manga creator is an amazing coup for any convention. Four is simply a full planetary alignment. Besides that there is Yoshitaka Amano, Masahiro Ohno, Yu Asakawa for anyone who is not totally into the manga guests.

And a metric ton of American comics (mainstream and indie), cartoon, video game, TV, movie, and general catchall geek events of all stripes as well.

So we will both be doing a crazy amount of things all weekend with only a few rare bits of overlap. If you are curious to see what we are excited about, you can see our tentative schedule below and our pre-NYCC podcast. The podcast is not ALL the things we will be doing; just some of the most interesting things we are trying to do.

Oh and bug Ed Chavez to bring Yoshikazu Yasuhiko and/or Tohru Fujisawa next year if you see him.

Pre-NYCC 2012 Podcast

05:00 – Justice Is Served panel
06:15 – My Little Pony panel
07:45 – Roddenberry Entertainment Pizza Party Presents panel

08:00 – Yoshitaka Amano Autograph Ticket Giveaway
11:00 – Wondrous Worlds, Fractured Futures: Speculative Fiction and Image Comics panel
12:15 – Anime Network panel
01:45 – Dark Horse Presents: Yoshitaka Amano
02:45 – The Japan Foundation Presents: Yu Asakawa – Behind Megurine Luka
04:00 – Vertical, Inc. 2013 panel
05:15 – The Venture Bros panel
06:30 – JManga Presents: Masakazu Ishiguro
07:45 – Grimm Fairy Tales Animated Series screening
08:15 – Berserk: The Golden Age – Arc I – The Egg of The King screening

11:00 – Vertical, Inc. Presents: Moyoco Anno
12:15 – Rose of Versailles with Susan Napier (Viki) panel
01:30 – DC COMICS – THE NEW 52 panel
02:45 – The Japan Foundation Presents: Danny Choo
04:00 – Kickstarter and Indie Comics! panel
04:00 – JManga: The Future of Digital Manga panel
05:15 – Geek Thoughts: Top Blogs Discuss Writing About Science Fiction, Fantasy and Fandom panel
06:15 – Saga: Sex, Drugs & Rocketships panel
06:30 – Ladies of Womanthology panel
07:45 – SHONEN JUMP Alpha panel

08:00 – Moyoco Anno Autograph Ticket Giveaway
10:45 – Creating Comics with Two X-Chromosomes: Real Talk with Image’s Female Creators panel
12:15 – The Fight To Defend Manga panel
01:30 – NIS America, Inc. Anime panel
02:45 – Nancy Drew, Comics Detective! panel
03:00 – From Leia to Buffy: Creating Strong Female Characters in Sci-Fi & Fantasy panel
04:00 – Disney XD – New Animated Series screening
04:00 – NYCC Team Q&A

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