New York Comic Con 2015: Believe It!

(note: No Type-Moon Weekly News Round Up
or All Points Bulletin this week.)


Pre-NYCC 2015 Podcast


There were very few guests that could top Takeshi Obata as the marquee manga artist for NYCC 2015. There might be artists with more prestige or influence but for sheer name recognition and popularity you can count the number of creators from Japan who are as well-known in the U.S. on one hand. Masashi Kishimoto, the manga-ka of Naruto, is one of them along with Akira ToriyamaNaoko Takeuchi, or Eiichiro Oda that could fit that bill. Seemingly impossible, Mr. Kishimoto is making a rare U.S. appearance!

It is prime time to get him. Naruto has finished up with the Boruto movie wrapping up one part of his a career but also it is just before he starts his next series. It is the perfect storm of Kishimoto being in the stoplight while not being utterly unapproachable due to the crushing schedule of a weekly manga-ka.

But with four full days of content, we will have a ton of coverage of other manga and anime events as well as plenty of reporting about a wide variety of comics, TV shows, movies, and games. We look forward to seeing you there and/or bringing you tons of coverage from the event!

A List of All the Manga and Anime Goings-on at NYCC

Our tentative schedule for the convention:

11:00AM 88MPH: A Celebration of Back to the Future
01:30PM Star Wars Rebels Season 2 Panel
01:30PM Tor: The Next Generation
04:00PM The Biggest Attack on Titan Manga Announcement Ever
04:00PM Game of Thrones: A Panel of Ice and Fire
05:30PM VIZ Media Presents: An Evening with Masashi Kishimoto, Creator of Naruto
06:45PM The Non-Compliant Geek’s Guide to Self Care
08:00PM She Made Me Do It: FanGirls Lead the Way

11:00AM The New Geeky Journalism
11:30AM Cartoon Network Presents: Adventure Time
12:15PM Social Media for Creators
12:45PM Felicia Day Spotlight
03:00PM A Fireside Chat With Comedy’s First Couple Samantha Bee + Jason Jones
04:00PM Sunrise & Bandai Namco Pictures Official Panel
05:15PM ScreenJunkies Presents: Honest Trailers & Movie Fights
05:30PM Vertical Comics 2015
06:30PM Geeks of Color, Third Edition: Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger
06:45PM VIZ Media Special Premiere
08:00PM Love Live! School Idol Project

10:00AM VIZ Media Premieres Boruto: Naruto The Movie
11:30AM Firefly Reunion
02:45PM Aniplex of America Industry Panel
02:45PM Women in Geek Media—The Sequel!
04:00PM Female Fandom and Industry Meet-Up
04:15PM Comics Creators Consuming Coffee: Where Food & Comics Collide
06:30PM Taking Fan Conventions to the Next Level
07:45PM The 8 Doctors of Classic Doctor Who

10:45AM Anime News Network
10:45AM Goosebumps & The Baby-Sitters Club Revisited
12:00PM Gravity Falls Revealed
12:00PM #WeNeedDiverseBooks: I Ain’t Your Sidekick—Heroic Counter Narratives
01:15PM The Amazing Economics of Star Trek
01:30PM A (Wo)man’s World: Closing the Gender Gap in Pop Culture
02:30PM Geek – Constructing Fandoms
02:45PM The Future of Comics for Children and Young Adults
04:00PM NYCC Team Q&A


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