Type-Moon Weekly News Roundup: The King of Conquerors is Good Civilization

This Saturday post is the weekly Type-Moon news in addition to the regular APB post on Sunday. If you have any suggestions for what to highlight on the Type-Moon Weekly News Roundup drop me a line via email or Twitter.

  • The Treasures of Camelot
    Even more, mechanics will be added to the next chapter, There is also some reveals on the new Servants and Craft Essences that will be added with the Chapter. A lot of new stuff is still on the horizon but this is a good taste of what will come out next week.
    Also, those Unregistered Spirit Origins have already just added to the salt of the player base.
  • The Young Lady and The Old Master
    A colored Scáthach is revealed next to a new Lily Caster figure.
  • Excalibur Morgan
    Aniplex + has powerful Saber Atler figure for sale.
  • Team Atilla just got 1000% More Manly 
    And they already had Gilgamesh on their side. I know my roommate was thrilled to see Iskandar join the ranks of Fate/Extella. Marvelous also announced a bunch of retailer specific outfits as well. I assume there will be some way to get these in the US release.
  • More Celebration for the King of Conquerors
    Who does not want to celebrate Alexander the Great’s arrival to Fate/Extella?
  • I Voted For Her
    The competition was stiff but Tamano no Mae’s party won the first poll. (I could not vote for the original Saber since she is an independent so the choice was simple for me.)
  • Someone Needs to Translate this ASAP
    A big interview about the future of Fate/Grand Order.
  • The Emperor vs. The King
    The next Fate/Extella poll pits Nero against Gilgamesh as well as all the other revealed Servants.
  • Jack Horkheimer: Star Hustler
    ChouCho‘s 13th single is also the 1st opening for Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya 3rei!!.
  • Become the Extra Attack
    These simple Grand/Order shirts inspire some great fan art.
  • Pure White Curtins
    Rin and Saber got some lily white wall scrolls.
  • Prisma Illya Reminds You What Sort of Show it is
    Illyasviel von Einzbern’s birthday leads to some great art and fun pictures. Then there is the  Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya 2wei Herz! – Miyu Edelfelt The Beast Ver. figure. That sums up the show in a nutshell.
  • It is Hard Being a Woman
    That is what the Asako aspect of the Fate/Zero Assassin learned along ago.
  • Illya vs. The Spicy Ramen
    See the culinary battle recreated in “real life.”
  • Beat the Heat
    Maybe these ladies will make the weather a little more bearable.
  • The Swap Meet
    The heroes of Japan get a boost with the latest Grand Order event. They also get more gender swapped Servants.
  • The Power of Euryale 
    No one is shipping Stheno becuase she is not as good despite being a golden Servant.
  • The Gift of Comic Market 90
    Gift is already showing off what they will be selling at the summer Comic Market.
  • The Shield
    Teasing the  of Shielder with her best feature. By the way I am not talking about her breasts. I said her BEST feature.
  • Someone had to Make FGO X Pokemon Go Jokes
    It was inevitable.

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