Hugtto! PreCure: More is Less? Maybe?

Warning: Spoilers for Hugtto! PreCure

hisui_icon_4040_round Truth be told I’m actually going to try to keep spoilers about Hugtto! PreCure to a minimum. The thing is I’m going to be talking about the show as a whole including the ending so spoilers are inevitable but I will try to leave some details as vague as possible because I know the length of the PreCure franchise tends to ward off all but the hardcore. At the same time, the number of very strong PreCure entries has grown to the point where people are getting more interested in the series like they have with Gundam or Jojo’s. So I have a feeling more people are going to read this out of general curiosity than the number of people who have finished the series. For them, I want to leave some sense of discovery if this makes them seek out Hugtto!

Also leaving somethings deliberately vague is thematically appropriate for this article.

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Manga Predicted Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go

hisui_icon_4040_round If you are unaware of the works of Kazuma Kamachi I will lay down a quick primer on his series. His most famous work is A Certain Magical Index and the tagline of the series is “When Magic and Science collide, the story begins…” It is set in a world where magic exists in the shadows as a secret hidden away from the mundane majority. Think of a set up like that of Harry Potter or Mage: The Ascension. At the same time, the center of scientific learning is Academy City. It is such an advanced hub of research and development that the city is often several years ahead of the curve in technological advances as compared to the rest of the world. While the residents of Academy City have no access to magic they have instead cultivated psionics to an art form. The main characters, the physic Touma Kamijou and the magical Index Librorum Prohibitorum, are the bridge between these two worlds.

As the series went on the psionic side character Mikoto Misaka became insanely popular and got her own spin-off series, A Certain Scientific Railgun. As the name implies the series almost entirely deals with the science side of Academy City and the various machinations and misadventures of the super-sensory inhabitants within.

But the clairvoyant skills might not just be limited to the characters within the book. Kazuma Kamachi himself might actually be an esper. It turns out that he predicted Pokémon Go years before it came out. Just look at the craze around the fictional app introduced in chapter 72 of A Certain Scientific Railgun. It is worth noting that the chapter came out on October 27 of 2014, but Pokémon Go was just released July 6, 2016.

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No Cure For Spoilers

hisui_icon_4040 Spoilers are just part of the Internet. Every time you open up a web browser, scroll through your twitter feed, watch a You Tube video, or read the comment section of an article you roll the dice when it comes to spoilers. You can minimize your risk by avoiding places that love to post spoilers, curating your social media, and knowing when you should step away from the Internet if you want go into certain things pure. The rub is even the best ninjas of the Information Superhighway will slam into some like piece of information that ruins a big surprise in something they care about. Even Kate who is usually super good at this will get hit by a spoiler from time to time.

Now when you get spoiled by some random noodle noggin either making mischief or an honest mistake it may annoy you but it just feels like a simple act of misfortune akin to a bird pooping on your car just after you wash it. When someone you know lets something slip it feels quite a bit more personal. But when a news site does it simultaneously feels utterly unprofessional. I have noticed more and more that news sites try and tip toe around spoilers and have even started to use that to their advantage. You will see very clickbait styled titles that make it seem like they have the secrets to Life, the Universe and Everything but actually only contain the most insignificant snippet of information. It lets them draw eyeballs to what would otherwise be utterly forgettable news while simultaneously avoiding angry mobs who feel cheated.

I mostly bring this up because despite how sensitive most sites are to this I feel like the anime news sites casually spoiled major parts of Precure without a second thought. If you will indulge me I’m going muse a little about this.

Spoilers: I’m going to have to talk about Precure spoilers for Maho Girls PreCure!

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