Secret Santa 2018 Project Reveal

hisui_icon_4040_round It is once again time to learn the identity of your Anime Secret Santa. Where they a kindly Befana who left you an undiscovered anime gem or a wicked Frau Perchta made you watch My Sister, My Writer. Hopefully, either way, everyone involved had a good time and hopefully learns a little about their fellow anime fans.

Or if nothing else has made a bitter rival whose destruction will give them strength to carry on even in the darkness times.

One quick question for everyone to think about as they look over the list below: What could we do next year to make this even better. At this point, I think the Secret Santa Project is a fairly well-oiled machine. This is the 10th year for this exchange so I think we have worked out most of the major kinks. But is there something we have missed? It is entirely possible. This is also the time to innovate. 2018 could be a fun time to try a little twist on what he have done in the past.

If you have an improvement, variant (other than Manga Secret Santa), or a bit of advice for next year just kindly let us know below.


2 thoughts on “Secret Santa 2018 Project Reveal

  1. foomafoo says:

    Thanks for this yearly thing guys! I think you guys know what you’re doing. It is my first year though to have been assigned to someone who had the preference to have the series in a stream-able channel which is somewhat difficult for me to know as I’m from Asia, as most of these channels are US-centric. Is there an easier way to know this except for manually opening the tabs for Crunchyroll/Netflix and typing the titles manually on their search bars?

    One thing I have noticed is that the list of participants have been shrinking if you compare the relatively longer list from 2016/2015. I haven’t been in the scene often to know what has been happening lately though :/

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