NY Comic Con & Anime Festival 2011: Screenings

At NYCC you can get exclusive toys, play games before they are released, see new trailers, and get some exclusive news of the hottest geek properties, but one of the biggest draws is the ability to see select movies or episodes before anyone else. This year had a good deal of exclusive content just like the years before. I hardly saw all of it but I was glad to get a sneak peek at somethings I was really interested in. There are also some really impressive anime premiers along with the cartoon, movie, and TV sneak previews so the otaku don’t feel left out in a sea of American media nerds.

Premieres have been something that I’ve started associating with New York Comic Con the last couple of years, it is something that really draws me. Between anime, movies, cartoons, and television you could have probably just seen premieres for the bulk of the weekend! While I didn’t get to attend as many as I have in year’s past, I was still pleased with the overall choices.

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NY Comic Con & Anime Festival 2011: Panels

I have grown far too used to attending anime conventions. Most of the time the anime fans who attend conventions don’t come for the panels. The panels are there for the older fans and the more academically inclined. But while the dealer’s room in always filled at a comic convention something like NYCC has a rhythm to getting into panels that I had forgotten. So I set up my schedule like I was attending an anime convention which made me miss several things I could have attended had I only prepared better. First of all I would have never even thought of going to the Avengers panel and I would have waited a bit more in advance for some of the bigger comic panels I wanted to attend. Narutaki knew how to play the game and got into more of her prime time panels. But I still got to see and do quite a bit and now I know better for next year.

There is no shortage of things to do at New York Comic Con, and that makes almost every panel big. That also means that it is best to line up a little earlier than you might elsewhere. I felt that 45-minutes was a fairly sweet spot time but screenings and big panels on Saturday seemed to need closer to an hour-and-half. Everyone has their personal limit on how long they are willing to wait. Still the programing proved well worth it in most cases. And I was able to get in an average of three events each day.

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We were supposed to talk about NYCC for an hour . . .

. . . but we ended up with more like double that. I joined Ron and Sean on Ed Sizemore’s Manga Out Loud podcast for a multifaceted look at the crazy weekend.

Episode #49- NYCC/NYAF Part 1 with Kate, Sean, & Twitterless Ron