The Speakeasy #116: Otakon Online, Brand New Animal, + Summer 2020 Anime

Our con report for Otakon’s 1-day online convention. Then we discuss Brand New Animal, and some of the new shows of the summer: Gibiate, Deca-Dence, and God of High School. Plus, a check-in about Sign Yesterday for Me, Millionaire Detective, and Appare-Ranman!


Otakon 2019: Panels

hisui_icon_4040_round There is never enough time in the day at Otakon. I decided to focus a little more on panels this year since I did not have Kate to back me up. I figured that if I concentrated a little less on guests and events I would go to more panels. What ended up happening was thanks to the Maid Cafe, Otabrew, and the general trials and tribulations of life I ended up at about as many panels as I normally attend at Otakon. Now I go to more panels than most people but I figured I would attend so many more panels this year and life decided to punish me for being cocky. Hopefully, I still give everyone a good overview of the old person otaku panels that were at this years Otakon.

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