Otakon 2019: Panels

hisui_icon_4040_round There is never enough time in the day at Otakon. I decided to focus a little more on panels this year since I did not have Kate to back me up. I figured that if I concentrated a little less on guests and events I would go to more panels. What ended up happening was thanks to the Maid Cafe, Otabrew, and the general trials and tribulations of life I ended up at about as many panels as I normally attend at Otakon. Now I go to more panels than most people but I figured I would attend so many more panels this year and life decided to punish me for being cocky. Hopefully, I still give everyone a good overview of the old person otaku panels that were at this years Otakon.

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Otakon 2019: General Impressions

hisui_icon_4040_round I think I figured it out. Any time a convention moves you sort of have to learn the rhythms of the new venue. You spend a bit of time just learning the best places to eat, where the various panel rooms are, which entrances to use and when, plus various shortcuts, tricks, and conveniences. If you remember the labyrinth that was Baltimore Convention Center it was infamous for getting newbies lost and turned around whenever they arrived for their freshman Otakon. Also, it was easy to underestimate how long it could take to get anywhere thanks to some atrocious bottlenecks. By the final Otakon in Baltimore, I could navigate that place like the back on my hand but it took some hard knocks to get that experience.

In 2017 the Walter E. Washington Convention Center and Washington D.C. were all new to me. By the end of the convention, I had a decent lay of the land but everything felt a bit awkward. In 2018 I had some experience under my belt so I had a general idea of what I was doing but I still did things utterly inefficiently. I could picture the two halves of the convention center in my head much clearer but I was still a bit ungraceful. This year I really felt like I had a good understanding of where everything was. I zipped around the convention center quite freely and even had a decent grasp of the area around the convention center.

I feel like Otakon is in that same situation this year. They have really begun to figure out the layout and how to use it effectively. I definitely got the feeling that Otakon had a better understanding of how to use the Walter E. Washington Convention Center and run a convention inside it. They were still some hiccups but overall it felt more like the convention had always been here as opposed to moving here three years ago.

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Pre-Otakon 2019: Hisui’s Solo Adventure!

(note: No Type-Moon Weekly News Round Up this week)

hisui_icon_4040_round I’m not going to lie to you. Doing Otakon coverage without Kate is a little bit frightening. Otakon is always just such a beast of a convention. Truth be told no one could ever cover it all and even when there were two of us there were always parts of the convention we wanted to see that slipped through the cracks. I have covered AnimeNEXT and other conventions without her but Otakon is always a triathlon compared to simple marathon of covering other conventions.  I will do my best and see what happens.


Be sure to attend Our Panels!

New Anime for Older Fans
Saturday, 10:15 AM, Panel 6 (Room 152A)

Star-Crossed Alien Lovers…in Robots!
SUNDAY, 12:45 PM, Panel 5 (Room 151B)

My tentative schedule for the convention:

09:00 AM Urusei Yatsura: 40+ Years, Datcha!
10:15 AM Abrakadabra! Magic Systems in Anime
11:30 AM Shojo Manga’s Lost Generation
12:45 PM Comparing US and Japanese Comics with Hiroshi Nagahama
02:00 PM Mix! panel with Kikuko Inoue and Michihiko Suwa
03:15 PM DENPA Manga Licensing Panel
04:30 PM Kyogoku’s Guide to Directing and Animating Anime from Tokyo Ghoul to Yuru Camp with a side of Kuroko no Basket
05:45 PM Live Drawing with Studio Trigger
07:00 PM Planes, Trains, and Battleships: A Look at the Leijiverse 
09:30 PM Aren’t You a Little Old for This? – Fandom and Functional Adulthood

09:00 The Women Who Write Shounen and Seinen Manga 
10:15 AM New Anime for Older Fans
11:30 AM Otaquest panel feat TAKU
12:45 PM Mecha as Modern Mythology: The New Hero’s Journey 
02:00 PM “That Time I Got Reincarnated As a Slime” Staff Panel
02:15 PM IOEA presents What’s Comiket
04:30 PM Fact & Fiction: The Real Events That Have Inspired Our Favorite Anime
05:45 PM Magical Girls Transforming Through the Ages
07:00 PM Genshiken and Beyond: The Works of Kio Shimoku
08:15 PM Fake Fashion and Vintage Vandalism: A Designer Tour Through the Fashion of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure
09:30 PM WHY Marnie Was There: Turning Brit Lit into Anime 

09:00 AM Fate/Stay Night and Type Moon: A World of Magic and Mystery
10:45 AM Animation in Anime
11:30 AM The History of Japanese Animation as created by Masao Maruyama Part 2
12:45 PM Star-Crossed Alien Lovers…in Robots!
02:00 PM Twenty Years Ago: Anime in 1999
03:00 PM Closing Ceremonies
04:00 PM Con Feedback Session