Pre-Otakon 2019 Podcast

hisui_icon_4040_round Much like Junk Dog, the Speakeasy podcast is not quite dead yet. While it is on hiatus for most of 2019 I felt it wrong to not do a pre-Otakon podcast. Thankfully I was able to get Carl from Ogiue Maniax and Patz from The Cockpit to be on the podcast so I had someone to bounce off of preventing this from being utterly lame. We mostly talk about our plans for the convention as well as some guests and events you might want to check out. I’m still not sure what I’m doing podcast wise for Otakon proper but I have some ideas. Keep your eyes on the web page for further news.

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Be sure to attend Our Panels!

New Anime for Older Fans
Saturday, 10:15 AM, Panel 6 (Room 152A)

Gundam for Newbies
Saturday, 04:30 PM, Panel 4 (Room 151A)

Genshiken and Beyond: The Works of Kio Shimoku
Saturday, 07:00 PM, Panel 7 (Room 146C)

Star-Crossed Alien Lovers…in Robots!
SUNDAY, 12:45 PM, Panel 5 (Room 151B)

The Speakeasy #105: Hinamatsuri, Octopath Traveler, Azur Lane


Ongoing Investigations: Journey to the West, Octopath Traveler, Azur Lane, Hinamatsuri.

Song:  “Monkey Magic” by Godiego

Food for Thought: What are some of our favorite absurd comedies?

Topics: 12 Manga Magazines Canceled in 2018, Inkypen Coming to Nintendo Switch, RightStuf Launches Emma Kickstarter, New Slayers and Dirty Pair Novels.


Otakon 2018: Panels and Workshops

hisui_icon_4040_round As I mentioned several times before there was a good amount of mecha panels this year. All but the most diehard mecha forums poster would have more than enough content to keep them happy. Kate and I did our best to experience the full range Otakon and for the most part, I think we did. In retrospect I actually went to more non-mecha panels then I did mecha panels which I think was an accomplishment. I did go to 6 mecha panels overall so I probably went to as many mecha panels as most attendees go to on a weekend so I hardly avoided robot related content. I think it just speaks to the amount of panel content there is at Otakon.

I will say listening to the Ani-Gamers podcast for the convention I dodged some real stinkers when it came to panel content. I did not love every panel I went to but I did not really go to anything that sorely disappointed me or angered me. I have to wonder if I have just gotten really good at picking panels or am I just very lucky.

If you looking for the shows I talked about at New Anime for Older Fans I have a complete list here.

narutaki_icon_4040_round As always, Otakon’s panel offerings are a major highlight of the convention. While I didn’t participate as a panelist this year, I saw many familiar faces among the presenters but also new blood here and there. Continue reading