No Case Too Small: The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

The case in question is Remote Island Syndrome
Part 1 and 2

narutaki I was a reluctant The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya watcher a bit after the hype had subsided slightly. These two episodes are what made me like the show enough to remember it fondly. These episodes contain classic murder mystery tropes as well as a bit of character growth on the part of Haruhi.

hisuicon It is interesting to look back on the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya if for nothing else to remember what a phenomenon the show was when it came out in 2006. It seemed like Haruhi was everywhere then. You could not go to an anime convention and not see someone doing the Hare Hare Yukai dance all day and it dominated the discussion of anime in general. While Haruhi Suzumiya has hardly disappeared from the otaku consciousness its presence was greatly diminished by the infamous Endless Eight. So it is nice to look back on the mystery in one of the more iconic episodes of the series and recapture a bit of the magic of the first season.

narutaki The gang travel to a mysterious island which they were invited to by a one of Kozumi’s acquaintances. Once there, a storm rolls in cutting them off from the mainland. And there is a locked room murder. Sound familiar? Whether through unlucky circumstance or the wishes of Haruhi for just such an occurrence, they must solve the case.

hisuicon Itsuki and Kyon start the episode being a bit worried that the island they are to is going to be a major problem with an adventure craving unknowing goddess like Haruhi. Since she seems to be in the mood for a mystery a small private island would be the classic place for a closed-circle murder mystery to take place. Sure enough while everything seems to go well eventually a storm conveniently rolls in and the worst case scenario occurs.

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No Case Too Small: D.Gray Man

The case in question is chapters 172-175 of D.Gray Man

narutaki These chapters feature one of the most popular tropes (yours and mine), the phantom thief! This is mostly a wacky interlude adventure for the exorcists before returning to the main plot.

Alan and Kanda and crew arrive in Paris which is basically on the verge of chaos thanks to a phantom thief named G. The city is on a manhunt but the perpetrator keeps changing bodies so the jail is over capacity with probable (okay, totally improbable since this is mostly a comedy story) suspects.

Our thief of course is using the power of Innocence to aid him in his crime spree, which makes him of interest to The Black Order.

And then G leaves a message that his next robbery will be at the Louve.

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No Case Too Small: Legend of the Galactic Heroes Gaiden, Part 1

The case in question is episodes 5-8 of Legend of the Galactic HeroesA Hundred Billion Stars, a Hundred Billion Lights – Dreams of the Morning, Songs of the Night Part 1-4

I think we have all watched Legend of the Galactic Heroes and thought to ourselves, “I like Legend of the Galactic Heroes but it is missing something. The complex and nuanced space opera is good but what I really want is Reinhard and Kircheis flying around the galaxy in the battleship version of the Mystery Machine solving crimes.” Well don’t worry. Yoshiki Tanaka has you covered. In the Legend of the Galactic Heroes side story collection there are several mysteries with Reinhard and even one with Yang. We will be covering each of these little mystery stories in their own segments as I promised oh so long ago. We start with Reinhard and Kircheis being MPs in a way that would make Shuichi Ikeda’s Ulrich Kesler proud (who makes a small cameo no less).

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