Brave Police JManga

With 39 Japanese publishers participating in JManga they have a wide variety of titles from standard to rather unusual. But there are some clearly unfinished sections of the site and an unfriendly points system to buy manga. We gave our opinion yesterday but we are curious what your thoughts are on the site. Please vote below and then elaborate on your choice in the comments if you so wish. If you have done your own review on a podcast or blog feel free to leave a comment with a link as well. With a site this high-profile surely everyone has an opinion.

Are you a fan of the Ongoing Investigations posts?

With the passing of Ongoing Investigations: Case #100, we thought we should assess how our readers feel about the weekly post. It is place to jot down what we’ve been looking into over the past week and it allows us to talk about series we might not review in full for the blog or what have you. We just want to know, do people like it and read it? Any suggestions about how to make it better?

POLL: Do you like the new multi-post convention reports?

So you may have noticed that we have been breaking the convention reports into multiple and shorter posts. This was done in the hopes of making them more readable plus release them faster and selfishly so they were a less daunting task for us. For us, it has been a great change and one we hope everyone else likes so please let us know what you think!