Manga of the Month: My Dear Detective: Mitsuko’s Case Files

My Dear Detective: Mitsuko’s Case Files by Natsumi Ito

It is no secret that I love a good detective, but My Dear Detective seems custom made with me in mind. Our titular detective turns out to be a slightly older woman in 1930s Japan with a bishonen assistant, so really was there any doubt I was going to be reading this?

Mitsuko is the first woman detective at the agency she works at. She faces competition and sexism from colleagues, clients, and the police but her boss supports her (after all she closes the most cases!) and believes they can change things for the better. When Mitsuko inadvertently solves a case with high-society university student Saku, he suddenly decides he wants to be her partner and become a detective himself.

Mitsuko and Saku have a good rapport; while she shows him the ropes and teaches technique, he pulls his weight being able to spot certain things thanks to his high-class background. The series questions a lot of gender norms and societal rules, weaving these topics into not only Mitsuko’s character and history but also through the cases and clients they meet.

The mysteries are starting to ramp up as the first volume ends and I’m excited to see how the story continues. It is wonderful to have a new chapter about a lady detective to look forward to each week!



The Speakeasy #141: JoJo’s Part 6, Cyberpunk: Edgerunners, Backflip!! + More

This month we catch up on a variety of shows!

  • Backflip!!
  • Cyberpunk: Edgerunners
  • Zero’s Tea Time
  • Odd Taxi: In The Woods
  • JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean Part 2

The Type-Moon (Moment) Minute

  • Comiket recap
  • Fate/Grand Order summer event

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August Updates: Quality Downtime

Hello, all! Kate here.

Starting with Otakon and following through to Labor Day, this part of the summer always seems like an extra busy time for me and those around me. I have barely had any time to enjoy anime with friends this month! Instead, I’ve been lucky to spend quality time with people just talking; getting to know some people a little better and catching up with old friends.

But looking back on the summer as a whole, I’m also proud of the many series and movies I’ve been able to check off my list (not all of them anime), and I got to revisit a number of things as well.

Watching things and talking seem to be the only things I’m capable of in the summer heat.

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