Legend of the Galactic Heroes Gaiden 1: A Hundred Billion Stars, A Hundred Billion Lights

Warning: We assume that you have watched the main series of Legend of the Galactic Heroes (the original 110 episode OVA) before reading this. We will not spoil anything major in the Gaiden series but everything and anything in the main part is fair game.

hisuiconThe first gaiden series looks at the rise of Reinhard and Kircheis after they decide to overthrow the Emperor but before the beginning of the main series. Some of the tales of their dangerous but meteoric rise through the ranks is mentioned in passing before this but here we see a younger and less developed duo. During this time it is made even clearer than it was in the main series how vital the cool-headed Kircheis was to a reckless young Reinhard.

narutaki If you’re like most people who sat through 110-episodes of Legend of the Galactic Heroes, you probably didn’t want it to end. Lucky for us there was plenty of story to still be told. In this first gaiden installment, we go back a little ways to see Reinhard’s entry into military service of which we only glimpsed from the original OVA.

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