Even America’s Next Top Models know what anime is.

While watching a recent episode of America’s Next Top Model, something unexpected occurred. “Ann drew the last supper, anime version, on a napkin that we taped to the wall.”

Talk about words I never thought I’d hear on this show. This means that not just one, but two of the girls know what anime is; the girl who drew it, Ann (below, bottom), and the girl making the comment, Jane (below, top).

When thinking about what I’ve learned about these two over the course of the show, I am less surprised. Ann is a self-proclaimed shy nerd, who is slowly coming out of her shell, so I find it easy to believe she might be an anime fan. As for Jane, she is probably the most worldly of the bunch having attended Princeton, so again perhaps not too shocking that she has an idea of what anime is. But that it was brought up on a widely popular show, even for a brief moment, must say something.

So is this another instance of anime having come into the mainstream and making itself known, at least on a basic level? I’m not sure, but damned if that short moment between Ann and Jane didn’t surprise me.