Broken Blade Movie 3: Scars from an Assassin’s Blade, Mecha Porn


I just have to reiterate that if you like mecha and you haven’t been watching Broken Blade, shame on you! I’m pretty much anxious all the time waiting for these movies to come out. This film marks the halfway point for the series giving it an important climatic and possibly game-changing role. Even though most of this movie is combat, pieces are still being moved into place.

Broken Blade movie three is the end of the beginning. Athens is ready to escalate their campaign against Krisna and are preparing to finally deploy a majority of their forces to the war.  This movie is the last of the small-scale skirmishes before full-fledged war breaks out. After this the dynamic of the battles will be on a whole new level. Guerrilla warfare will give way to armies clashing as part of an all out war of conquest. But there has to be one last clash between the current players and that battle may pan out in ways the audience does not expect. 

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Narutaki & Hisui VS. 2010

It is time for the most anticipated and respected anime awards show of the year! (De gustibus non est disputandum.) On the Speakeasy we looked back at the trends that defined anime and manga in 2010. This is an examination of the individual titles and characters that made the biggest impact on us this year. We discuss what made us laugh and cry (for the better and the worse.) Feel free to chime in with your picks as well. If you have a suggested category you would like us to use next year just leave us a comment and we will try to work it in next year.

I really enjoy doing this post. Yeah, everyone does one, but that is because they are fun! For good or ill I know what kind of year I’ve had when I do this post.

Best Anime of 2010 or the Junmai Daiginjo-shu of Anime

Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn by Sunrise I know it seems impossible but Gundam Unicorn might actually be the one modern series that a majority of Gundam fans can get behind without their normal bickering. It incorporates the newest and flashiest technology while keeping true to the strength and spirit of the original Universal Century series. If you did not know better you would assume that Yoshiyuki Tomino played a part in the creation of this series for who seamlessly it works itself into the universe. The characters for the series harken back to the former archetypes set by its predecessors while not seeming like clones. Obviously a good deal of money and love was poured into this series because it consistently looks amazing. I look forward to learning the secrets of the Laplace Box and the RX-0.

Runner up: House of Five Leaves by Manglobe An absorbing and atmospheric character based historical drama. Based on seinen manga it is an adult work for both sexes that continues the tradition of great noitaminA anime.

Giant Killing by Studio DEEN When thinking this over, I had to ask myself what was I most anxious to watch each week? What did I want another season of (and thought it could sustain it)? I arrived at my answer pretty quickly. It was Giant Killing’s approach to characters that impressed me throughout the season. Never did the show bang you over the head with who these people were, instead we were shown through small actions, bits of conversations, and of course their approach to soccer. And best of all we got to see everyone involved when it comes to sports from the players to the fans, from the press to the managing staff. Everyone had a role but our main character was not a star or up and coming player, but rather the coach. Tatsumi makes this show and gives a new perspective for a sports anime. Perhaps Giant Killing isn’t the most thought-provoking showing of the year, but it did things just a little bit differently and it never faltered.

Runner up: Kuragehime by Brain’s Base (second mostly because I haven’t seen how it ends yet) This is a very absorbing comedy about a house full of girl geeks whose lives get turned upside down when cross-dressing Kurnosuke takes an interest in them. This is the most genuine depiction of geeky girls I’ve seen to date without being pandering. And it is also turning into a tender romance as well.

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Broken Blade Movie 2: The Split Path, Golem Unicorn


hisuiconNow that board has been set the game can start for real. Movie two is where we see the opening moves for both sides and their initial strategies. Everyone in the main cast wants as quick and bloodless resolution to this conflict but as this movie progresses it is apparent that the point of no return was passed long ago. The cast is forced to make hard decisions that sadly dig them deeper into the positions they never wanted in the first place.

After finally getting a taste of Broken Blade, I was eager to watch more. They did a lot of things right and I found myself engrossed in the setting. The second film really starts pushing the characters into difficult decisions as friends meet again, old feelings are awakened, and violence erupts on the borders.

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