A Pair of Angels, A Pair of Devils

Certain shows get this unfair reputation because like Icarus they dared fly too high at the wrong time. A show like Turn A Gundam played with the Gundam formula in a way that was a bit too radical to be appreciated at the time but in reflection is now well regarded as innovate and enjoyable (if a bit strange). Distance helped prove that the show had a good deal of depth and innovation with the changes it made to the “standard” Gundam show. But not every re-imagining is this diamond in the rough that is unfairly judged to a contemporary audience only to fully be understood by a later audience. Some shows just take what was awesome or endearing about the original and totally¬†amputate it in an attempt to modernize a show. In trying to cater to a new audience they totally miss what made the original so enjoyable.

Dirty Pair Flash is a classic example of just not getting the point when it comes to a remake. I would venture to say that Dirty Pair Flash is more infamous for just how much it is hated by original Dirty Pair fans than anything about the show itself. They radically altered the characters designs when they made Dirty Pair Flash so that alone can easily turn hardcore fans against all things being equal. But the fact of the matter is that Dirty Pair Flash is just inferior to the original. The main purpose of this article it to determine why that is. The easy point to state is that Dirty Pair Flash fails as a successor to the legacy. The harder question is why does it fail.

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