Type-Moon Weekly News Roundup: Mysterious Caster X

This Saturday post is the weekly Type-Moon news in addition to the regular APB post on Sunday. If you have any suggestions for what to highlight on the Type-Moon Weekly News Roundup drop me a line via email or Twitter.

  • Love Letter from China
    With the Chinese release of Fate/Grand Order there as the additional gift of some hot cosplaying guys for the adverting of the game. The ladies of Type-Moon fandom are finally given some love.
  • Night at the Museum 
    With the Japanese release of Fate/Extella around the corner big events like this Fate/EXTELLA MUSEUM are surely going to pop up. Of course, the are also selling a bunch of exclusive merchandise at this event as well.
  • Number 81
    For the 20th Anniversary Issue of TECH GIAN, it seems that Takeuchi drew a Bunny Girl Saber. I guess the only remaining question is when will she be added to Fate/Grand Order.
  • Is Everyone in Japan Dying?
    A sad little not that Eir Aoi is going on indefinite hiatus due to poor health.
  • Clearly the Reason the Character Was Gender Swapped
    Lou Zhenhua from Chaos Dragon gets a figure via Good Smile with a rather impressive base.
  • Unshielded Shielder 
    The new Matthew Kyrielite Craft Essence has sparked a lot of fan art for insanely obvious reasons.
  • A LOT of Fanart
    Seriously. And of course, someone threw Olga Marie into the outfit as well.
  • Eine Kleine Nachtmusik
    Both Red and Blue Saber get to show off their fancy dress in the newest Fate/Extella video.
  • I Only Play Free
    A little look into the difficulty scaling options in Fate/Extella.
  • The Portable Sabers
    Japan is getting some gorgeous Special Edition versions of the PS4 and Vita systems for the release of Fate/Extella.
  • Super Sonic Racing
    The Race Track Saber made for the Ferrari Itasha is getting her own figure. 
  • The Best for Last
    Fate/Extella saved the Saber gameplay footage for the last reveal.
  • It Seemed to Good to be True
    I was always a little suspicious of a simultaneous Japanese and American release of Fate/Extella. The English release has been moved to early 2017.
  • And Some Good News
    But in return for the delay, there will also be special edition version of Fate/Extella in America.
  • The Hot Moms of Grand/Order
    Fate/Empire of Dirt looks like an amazing doujin game.
  • Elizabeth will Be Your Guide
    There was so much Type-Moon related events for this year’s Machi Asobi.
  • Sacrifices Were Made
    Nasu has been working so hard of Fate/Grand order that he has not even gotten to play Persona 5.
  • All the Shiros
    Someone made a neat little chart of all of Shiro’s looks over the years.
  • The Nitty Girtty
    Some summaries of the chats about Fate/Grand order at  this year’s Machi Asobi.

  • This is Just for Me
    If nothing else my roommate also really likes it.