NYICFF 2013: Ernest & Celestine w/ Benjamin Renner

narutaki For some reason, I thought this was an Oscar nominee but it no. Still, after seeing it I indeed think it should have been a nominee, maybe it will be for 2013! Ernest & Celestine is a French/Belgian animation based on the characters from the Belgian book series of the same name. We learned from one of the directors after the film that the screenwriter spun a different tale than that of the books.

The gorgeous animation is filled with life. The film moves seamlessly between whimsical watercolor and graphic flair. It very much feels like an animated storybook which you can fall right into.

Ernest & Celestine is a tale of creativity, mayhem, and friendship. In a world where mice live below the surface and bears rule the outside world, there was a little mouse named Celestine who was a burgeoning artist and wasn’t afraid of bears despite everything she had been taught. Ernest was a lonely musician who just didn’t fit in with bear society. These two lost souls found each other on a fateful night sparking an enduring companionship.

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