Funimation Stavromula Beta

Funimation having a community/streaming site has been a long time in the making. Some may remember the scrapped ShoDojo they were touting at conventions for a while. Even this beta has taken a while to come to fruition as it was being advertised last year in a number of convention guide books. Since they have already had streaming video on their normal site, this new Funi creation adds the seemingly endless foray into social media all companies are launching alongside with the ability to watch anime.

Funimation is without a doubt the king of the American anime distribution companies. There are other anime licensors left in the U.S. like Bandai Entertainment and Sentai Filmworks but their output is nowhere near that of Funimation. And so as the top dog you need to have the most up to date website to reflect your position. With all their recent streaming initiatives Funimation has started a beta test for their new website that showcases their streaming initiatives while at the same time building an online community around it. This week we will give you our opinions on how the site is shaping up, what they are doing right, and what improvements we would make to cater to a fickle audience of otaku as well as casual fans.

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NY Anime Festival & Comic Con 2010: Anime and Manga Industry

hisuiconIn the current anime and manga market a little good news is nice to hear among all the doom and gloom. Despite major hits to the anime and manga markets in the last year I was happy to see a larger industry presence at the convention this year. Yen Press was able to make it this year which is hopefully a good sign since I was worried when they did not show up at the NYAF last year. There were hardly an Anime Expo level of announcements but there were some interesting tidbits in the mix.

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Otakon 2010: Industry

hisuiconThis year the industry news out of Otakon was a bit light but that is hardly shocking considering it came right after both Anime Expo and San Diego Comic Con in tough economic times. The leftovers are mostly saved for Otakon. There were several announcements of which dub actors were being used it upcoming high profile dubs. It was good to see that broad spectrum appeal shows were still getting dubs and a bit of fanfare. That being said I could care less about such news and just suggest that anyone who is interested pop on over to ANN as see who has been cast as who.

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