Ongoing Investigations: CaseĀ #050

For some reason I have been sitting on Galaxy Railways for a while now. I finally watched the series up through episode 14. After a quite somber beginning, we follow new recruit Yuuki to the Space Defense Force crew of train Big One. When he first enters he has many idealistic ideas which cause constant conflict on missions, this continues throughout these episodes. However, there is growth on his part even if he stays rather rash. The rest of the crew provides a bevy of functions such as humor, animosity, friendship, guidance, and romance. So far most of the episodes have been individual missions with occasional looks at characters’ back stories. There is certainly a overall plot to come that is hit on now and again. Most things center around the complicated line of trains that cross the galaxy moving people and goods. Yuuki is constantly getting caught up in other people’s personal problems which makes him rather endearing if somewhat of an idiot at times. The series has a good mix of suspense, action, and character analysis combined with a unique setting and seems to have gone overlooked despite its good production values. The art style is a hybrid of Leiji Matsumoto’s classic 70’s character design with a little modernity thrown in which I really enjoy. I am looking forwarding to continuing on.

I try not to think of myself as too much of a shipper. I leave how much of this is a self disillusion to others. I will admit when I found out that the two figures from the Gundam RAH DX line for Turn A Gundam were Loran and Sochie I had to get them so I could display them together to suit my agenda. Loran is decked out in his pilot’s suit. It’s fairly form fitting so the ladies get some service with this Gundam figure. His pose is as if he is reaching out to something in the distance which is quite appropriate for the character. He comes with his helmet and his Children’s Day Carp toy. Since Loran is my favorite Gundam protagonist I’m glad to see him get an excellent figure. I would also buy a Loran figure in his Diver’s uniform or his Milita outfit but I am pretty sure you would only see those at Wonderfest. I won’t go as far as to say that Sochie is my favorite Gundam heroine because I’m not exactly sure who that is. She is my favorite female from Turn A Gundam though. She is in one of her pre-milita dresses and looking quite cute. I love her playful little finger waving motion. Another good pose that captures why I really like the character. For better or for worse (better) Sochie is wearing leotards so we don’t get a panty shot on her. Like Loran I would easy plunk down money to buy her again in a milita uniform as well.

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