No Cure For Spoilers

hisui_icon_4040 Spoilers are just part of the Internet. Every time you open up a web browser, scroll through your twitter feed, watch a You Tube video, or read the comment section of an article you roll the dice when it comes to spoilers. You can minimize your risk by avoiding places that love to post spoilers, curating your social media, and knowing when you should step away from the Internet if you want go into certain things pure. The rub is even the best ninjas of the Information Superhighway will slam into some like piece of information that ruins a big surprise in something they care about. Even Kate who is usually super good at this will get hit by a spoiler from time to time.

Now when you get spoiled by some random noodle noggin either making mischief or an honest mistake it may annoy you but it just feels like a simple act of misfortune akin to a bird pooping on your car just after you wash it. When someone you know lets something slip it feels quite a bit more personal. But when a news site does it simultaneously feels utterly unprofessional. I have noticed more and more that news sites try and tip toe around spoilers and have even started to use that to their advantage. You will see very clickbait styled titles that make it seem like they have the secrets to Life, the Universe and Everything but actually only contain the most insignificant snippet of information. It lets them draw eyeballs to what would otherwise be utterly forgettable news while simultaneously avoiding angry mobs who feel cheated.

I mostly bring this up because despite how sensitive most sites are to this I feel like the anime news sites casually spoiled major parts of Precure without a second thought. If you will indulge me I’m going muse a little about this.

Spoilers: I’m going to have to talk about Precure spoilers for Maho Girls PreCure!

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Double PreCure Podcasts: Case Closed Review and S.W.A.T. Review

As you may very well know, the ending of one PreCure series is also the beginning of another. We wrap up our final thoughts on the fabulous Go! Princess PreCure and give you our initial take on the new, and maybe a bit different, PreCure show Maho Girls PreCure!

Listen – Final impressions of Go! Princess PreCure from Toei Animation.

Listen – First impressions of Maho Girls PreCure! from Toei Animation.


You Should Be Watching Go! Princess PreCure

With a revival of the Sailor Moon franchise and Cardcaptor Sakura being back on the radar, the hunger for another great next magical girl show is now! If you enjoyed either of those shows you might be left wondering where to go next. Shows like Madoka Magica are far darker and exist to be an examination of the genre as opposed to an exemplar. At the same time, the Pretty Rhythm series might be simultaneously too focused on the idol aspect while also skewing too young for most fans. There is a whole wealth of older magical girls shows but many of them are not translated, extremely hard to find, or might be a bit too dated for some.

Well, then look no further than Go! Princess PreCure which pretty much does everything right and then some.

Amongst the plastic toy advertising and dance endings of the PreCure franchise, there has always been stories of girls being the heroes. The franchise has its ups and downs. Heartcatch Precure! gets near universal praise, whereas Suite Precure is a distinctly flawed show. But when the franchise is firing on all cylinders, it often embodies the best of what the genre has to offer. Filled with strong role models fighting evil, chasing their dreams, and forging their own destinies, PreCure as a whole is the best of magical girls.

Go! Princess PreCure adds admirably to that legacy. And because of the nature of the PreCure franchise, one need not have seen any other series to enjoy the current one.

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