Experiment: Building Master Grade, IKU!

Narutaki and I are currently on a Gundam kick. We recently watch original Mobile Suit Gundam, the original Gundam movies, the Seed Gundam movies, and Gundam 00. I watched Turn A Gundam and Gundam X. We both plan to watch the original Gundam OAVs, Zeta Gundam, and Char’s Counter Attack as well. So with all this Gundam in our systems it is only logical that we also indulge in the other great pastime of Gundam fans.

No, not arguing about the finer details of the Gundam time line, discussing mobile suit specs, or trying to be Char.

We decided to build Gundam models. Narutaki has built about a dozen or so High Grade models and I had only done one high grade kit before our current experiment. After watching Turn A Gundam I decided to throw caution and purchase a Master Grade Turn A Gundam. At the same time I picked up a Master Grade version of Char’s Zaku II for Narutaki. Neither of us had decided to take the plunge for master grade kits but our Gundam mania could only be satisfied with a true challenge.

This venture was made even more memorable by it being interrupted by a mighty flood. We started our kits one evening and left everything as it was for the next day of building. Then it happened. I awoke at 7AM to find the boiler room with a couple of inches of water in it. This of course seeped into my apartment. At that point I don’t remember the details just frantic moving of things all over the place. There was then a large gap of time between the beginning of this project and the end. Amazingly no parts were lost. Though some of my work was ripped apart and had to be redone. Still we prevailed!

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