Otaku NYC: Japan Society

The Japan Society is a permanent facility with an ever change variety of events. They provide everything from language classes to film screenings, from art exhibits to sake tastings, from lectures to concerts.

The building is a beautiful piece of architecture on the far east side of Manhattan with a quiet park across the street. The interior is the clean and simple lines known throughout Japanese homes and it even has a reflecting pool and gardens flowing through the space. There is a screening room, library, and many other gathering places throughout the building. On a really random note, the bathrooms are high-tech so be sure to check those out as well!

We’ve discussed their anime and manga exhibit before and they often provide films for the New York Asian Film Festival. So what is going on really just depends on the time of year you come. And since their facilities are indoor there is always something to do not matter the weather. Be sure to keep an eye on their calendar when you are planning to come!

Japan Society: KRAZY! The Delirious World of Anime + Manga + Video Games Exhibit

An exhibition highlighting parts of Japanese popular culture is not to be overlooked. Though going in I didn’t really know what to expect or how much there would be to see. Just knowing that all these pieces that have influenced not only each other but popular culture in Japan and abroad makes quite an impression. This is going on til mid June so we figured if you haven’t seen it yet maybe you will after this!

I like anime, manga, and video games so this exhibit seemed right up my alley. I usually go into exhibits like these with guarded expectations. You never know when the person who put together the exhibit is an expert on the subject or someone who is catering to demand in the market. I was also a little worried because all three subjects are interconnected but very different. With an exhibit like this I want to get something out of it. I want to either learn something new or gain some greater insight about something I already knew about.

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