Ongoing Investigations: Case #138

 After finishing up Burn Notice S4, I jumped to the webcomic before we start the fifth season. Burn Notice: A New Day bridges the two seasons but does not answer the ultimate question about Michael’s facial hair! The 12-parts play out like a typical episode of the series but in this case they are also working with the CIA. They’ve got everyone’s voices down pretty well, too. The real downside is the artwork which isn’t great a lot of the time touting some weird facial expressions and wonky eyes. A fun read, worthwhile, and a second part is planned for the end of the month as the show takes a break until November.

NOOO! I am caught up with the current release of translated Jojo’s by blazing through volumes 7  though 20. But since Steel Ball Run is 24 volumes I am so close to the ending I can taste it but so far away it makes me want to weep. I mean they are in the middle of fighting the evil super powered and seemingly invincible president of the United States. The president killed dinosaur Dio Brando. Who can stop him now? While the story has moved a bit more in the direction of Stand fighting the race is always a tense highlight when they get to a checkpoints. I will say for being the star of the first chapter of the arc Sandman certainly has a smaller role than I expected when he whips out his stand. He sort of goes down like a punk. This arc has been every bit as crazy as I had hoped it would be and twice as awesome. I am surprised it lived up to my expectations as they were fairly high but I was not in the least disappointed. My only regret is now I must wait for more.

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