Witch on a Type-Moon Lit Holy Night

hisuiconLet us all run over to our favorite import games website and pre-order the new Type-Moon visual novel, Mahoutsukai no Yoru (Witch on the Holy Night). Based on a novel written by Kinoko Nasu in 1996 this is the back story of Aoko Aozaki aka Miss Blue the Magic Gunner. As Aoko is one of my favorite minor characters in the Nasuverse I cannot wait to see what is revealed about her past. She has always had a delightfully upbeat and whimsical personality while still being a capable and serious character. The fact that she is utterly my type is just a bonus. I know that mysterious characters can have their popularity ruined by a poorly done back story but since this was written before most everything else in the Nasuverse I am not too worried about the Boba Fett effect. Also it is will not have any sex scenes thrown in so you don’t have to worry about awkward kinky sea life metaphors in the middle of your reading experience.

hisuiconAs a special treat the ED has been announced to be Hoshi ga Matataku Konna Yoru ni (This Star Sparkling Night) by Supercell. You can already buy the single that also contains the 14th Naruto Shippuden Ending. Also lvlln at Borderline Hikikomori was nice enough to post an English translation of the song as well. Unless this utterly bombs I cannot see why we would not get an anime adaptation somewhere down the line as well especially considering how well the Kara no Kyōkai movies have done. If you are any sort of Type-Moon fan this will be the release of the year. You should preorder it if for nothing else it comes with an art book which is always a wonderful thing.