Otakon 2012: Pirated ANNcast

Every Otakon I try t’ be at least on one podcast at th’ convention. Thar be somethin’ about capturin’ th’ spirit o’ th’ convention while ye be in th’ thick o’ it. This year Ed Sizemore gathered together a crew t’ do some rumination on wha’ had transpired o’er th’ weekend.

The Pirated ANNCast is a solid mixture of voices from around the anime blogosphere and podcasting community. Sadly the first hour of conversation while we waited for people to trickle in was not recorded. But for everyone involved that was probably for the best. The porn war tales alone might be enough to damage most people’s reputations. The audio quality is a bit fugazi but the conversation is worth it.

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The Crew of Podcast Plunderers:

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We were supposed to talk about NYCC for an hour . . .

. . . but we ended up with more like double that. I joined Ron and Sean on Ed Sizemore’s Manga Out Loud podcast for a multifaceted look at the crazy weekend.

Episode #49- NYCC/NYAF Part 1 with Kate, Sean, & Twitterless Ron

Couldn’t resist a Scoobycast!

I had the pleasure of talking about the new, and wonderful, Scooby Doo! Mystery Incorporated on an episode of Manga Out Loud. Yes, on a manga podcast, but who cares. I joined Ed Sizemore and his other guests Johanna from Comics Worth Reading and Clarrisa from AWO for this short discussion. It probably would have been longer if A) Skype wasn’t being a loser and B) I had my way because I could talk Scooby for quite a while. Still I had a very good time so enjoy!

Scoobycast, where are you?