Modern Shojo: Narutaki’s Most Wanted Part 3

narutaki_icon_4040┬áThis time I’m listing a catch-all of Kodansha titles that I’d like to see licensed for English release with no real theme except “HEY I WANT TO READ THESE AWESOME BOOKS, NOW PUT THEM ON CR.” These are a few titles that have been on my radar lately, but are by no means the only things worth bringing over.

3D Kanojo by Mao Nanami

This series has surprised me a lot, especially with a name like 3D Kanojo. I’m sure your mind, as mine, conjures all kinds of things when hearing such a title, but do not fear I’m not here to lead you astray. But the series is indeed about an otaku boy who starts dating a pretty girl.

Iroha has dated a lot and has a bit of reputation which is exactly what attracts her to Tsutsui’s quiet nature. Iroha reminds me of Yoko Maki’s big-eyed heroines who brandish a bit of attitude. Tsutsui, suspicious and harsh to Iroha at first, realizes he may have found someone very special. What feels really good in this series is the way neither one judges the other instead seeing through to one anothers’ hearts. Oquie Maniax did a good write-up, too.

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