narutaki MUJI is a big Japanese chain. Their NYC sites are kind of eclectic mini-department stores. I often go there for stationary, pens, and other little items, it is a challenge to walk by and not pick up something. But they have a wider range of goods, everything from clothing to dishes to shelving.

The look and feel of their products is simple and natural with designs that are chic and modern using woods and glass. They favor neutral tones like browns and creams with a blue to be found now and again in the color palettes. The stores themselves are airy and light with high ceilings and lots of natural light, like a place you can really breath in.

There are three MUJI stores in Manhattan and even a mini-store at the JFK airport. Unsurprisingly, the biggest and snazziest venue is in the Time Square area. I prefer the SOHO one close to Chinatown naturally, as few New Yorkers would ever prefer anything near Time Square when another branch is available.