NYICFF 2014: Anina

narutaki_icon_4040 And the winner for Best Hair at the New York International Film Festival goes to . . . Anina!

Anina is a charming film from Uruguay. And happened to be on my most wanted list from last year’s international animated film releases.

The style in Anina will strike you first as you can plainly see. It has a cut paper-quality complete with angular and somewhat awkward motion. The layers of a scene as well as the colors and washes bring a folksy simplicity to the movie which is carried through in the narrative.

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NYICFF 2013: The Day of the Crows

narutaki This is my third, and final, French animation review from the magnificent NYICFF. I was overwhelmed by the selection on display, each have been very different from each other.

The Day of the Crows is an amazing tale of death and loss and the will to begin again. It does so with a little Ghibli influence and a keen eye for the human condition.

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NYICFF 2013: From Up On Poppy Hill

The NYICFF was over the moon for their screenings of From Up On Poppy Hill, but I had a much more dubious reaction. After all, Goro Miyazaki left a terrible first impression on me with Tales from Earthsea so I wasn’t going in with anything akin to expectations for his newest work. Still, a tiny bit of my heart was hoping he’d redeem himself; I love a good comeback story!

I’m happy to report that From Up On Poppy Hill was able to surprise me over and over again.

Recently Joel White from Fast Karate for the Gentlemen was mentioning on twitter that Studio Ghibli seems to get nothing but hate recently. I have to say that we will just have agree to disagree on the merits of Ponyo as I saw it as a very weak work with some moments of brilliance. But thankfully Joel did not bring up Tales from Earthsea. While Hayao Miyazaki’s Ponyo might have been weak Goro Miyazaki’s Tales from Earthsea was just a train wreck. It made Goro’s name mud in the eyes of many anime fans. So I had fairly low expectations with From Up On Poppy Hill.

But much like The Secret World of Arrietty it seems that Studio Ghibli is recently been releasing movies to prove that Joel’s theory that the idea that Studio Ghibli is over is a bit premature. From Up On Poppy Hill did quite a bit to make me reassess Goro Miyazaki as a director. Do I think he has hit the heights that his father had in his heyday? No. But he is gone from a director I would actively avoid to someone who I am genuinely interested in. If his movies can remain at this level or even improve I think he actually has a pretty bright future in front of him.

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