Sayonara, Mr. Fatty! Food for thought.

At first Sayonara, Mr. Fatty! might seem like a odd title for us to be reviewing but it is on target for several reasons. The first and foremost is the author: Toshio Okada. Okada is one of the co-founders and the former president of Studio Gainax. He also holds the title of OtaKing or King of Otaku. Okada has had such a huge impact on the Japanese anime community as both a person who has contributed to through projects he has worked on and as commentator and scholar of otaku culture. Secondly, it is an interesting piece of Japanese culture and literature outside of its context in the otaku world. Lastly, Sayonara, Mr. Fatty is just very good. It is more than just a diet book; it is a book that shares with you a method of approaching life.

My interest in this book was my many layered curiosity more than anything else. The memoir aspect was easily the most attractive feature of this self-help book. Like our Otaku Diaries project may suggest, we have a interest in the underlying personalities, habits, and thoughts of geeks. And Toshio Okada is considered one of the most famous geeks in Japan! The book sounded like a positive look at losing weight and not changing who you actually are. A person’s personal philosophy and story should make you think or consider things that you might not have otherwise. Also as an ex-overweight geek I was just plain curious what his method was. So with all directions pointed to picking up this book, I sped through it in a mere day.

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