Otakon 2015: Fan Panels

hisui_icon_4040 Wowza. It was really interesting to see panels filled this year. It is one thing when something titled “Anime’s Greatest Train Wrecks” or “Nostalgia-O-Rama” gets a full house. Those are the sorts of panels that will always be filled with fans. The thing is there are a lot of panels that while well run are not usually that popular. But that was not the case this year. Many panels that would only be half filled other years were having to turn people away all through out the weekend. When I could not get into 70s Anime Funtime! you know that people were attending panels more than usual. As someone who does panels that is always encouraging to see. It gives me the impression I could run one of my Hayate panels and actually get an audience.

OK. That is just silly but it was still a great time for panels. I really hope this momentum keeps up next year as well.

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Otakon 2015: Artist Alley

narutaki_icon_4040 There is officially too much great stuff to see in Otakon’s Artist Alley. Even I, an experienced (!) con reporter, was overwhelmed by the sheer volume of works and wares vying for my attention. I ended up having to make sweeps of the alley looking for only this or only that in order to focus.

I encountered a good mix of artists I’ve come to recognize and buy from nearly every time I see them with plenty of new talent or those I haven’t yet become acquainted with.

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Otakon 2015: 15-minutes with GARO’s Yuichiro Hayashi and Toru Kubo

GARO is a very popular live-action tokusatsu franchise which has now branched out into other media. Studio MAPPA paired director Yuichiro Hayashi and producer and monster designer Toru Kubo to bring this new story by Yasuko Kobayashi to life as an anime. GARO the Animation was so popular that another anime series is starting in fall and the first series is getting a complication movie.

Mr. Hayashi is just ramping up as a director, but he is already an accomplished key animator. His understanding as an animator allowed him to create some very memorable sequences throughout GARO and easily transition the live-action series into animation.

Mr. Kubo was involved with the live-action GARO franchise bringing all of that knowledge to the table. While he spent most of his time as producer on the animated series, he also contributed many monster designs to it as well.

They spoke with us about adapting a live-action series and the Horror designs. And they also gave us a tidbit about the upcoming movie.

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