The Speakeasy #090: AnimeNEXT, Anonymous Noise, Twin Peaks, Kado: The Right Answer

Ongoing Investigations: Anonymous Noise vols. 1-2, classic MST3K, Twin Peaks S3, Samurai Jack S5, Kado: The Right Answer.

Song: “High School [ANIME SIDE] -Bootleg-” by Ayahi Takagaki from Anonymous Noise

Food for Thought: What is the most important aspect of a convention host city?

Topics: AnimeNEXT


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Gotta Get Back, Back to the Past: Samurai Jack Podcast

Samurai Jack shockingly returns for a final season more than a decade after its previous episode. To celebrate I rewatched the first four seasons and podcasted with the Ink and Jared of the Oldtaku Podcast. We talked so much the podcast had to be split in two.

Oldtaku no Radio #006 – Samurai Jack (part 1)

Oldtaku no Radio #006.5 – Samurai Jack (Part 2)