All is NOT fair in love.


Durarara!! is a show chockfull of strange, unhealthy, and sometimes downright disturbing relationships. The show just gets stranger and stranger, but today’s focus is on Shinra and Celty. Many find these two to be ever so cute together, but from the moment Shinra appeared on my screen, I was suspicious of him. As with so many other things in Durarara!! I had a feeling something just wasn’t right. However even as more is revealed others seem to view Shinra very differently than me and Hisui.

The thing in Durarara!! that really gets to me is not the strange or broken relationships. It is exactly like Narutkai said, I it find odd that Shinra gets a free pass. While no one would say that Seiji and Mika’s relationship is healthy there is a near universal approval for Shinra and Celty’s relationship. The first is obviously dark, grim, and clearly sickly while the other one has a lighthearted coating which makes people overlook its rotten core. Our purpose there is to examine Shinra’s actions and show that his motives are not as pure as you might first think.

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