Mobile Suit Gundam 2012: The Last Blitz of Bandai

Our first editorial of the year is unfortunately a bit of a downer. As we all got into our Monday, Bandai announced they will cease releasing new DVD/BDs and manga which means any licenses that haven’t seen a pre-order are off the table. More than that personal loss for all of us, we are losing a big name and competitor in the U.S. industry. Bandai will continue to promote titles to other companies, after all they are still a Japanese company with big series on the other side of the ocean. Which makes it all the more sad that they couldn’t make it work here any longer.

Way back in May of 2010 there was a major warning sign that this day would come to pass on the ANNCast. Eric Sherman, the CEO of Bang Zoom! Entertainment stated that Bandai Entertainment was not doing that well and was banking on the success of their upcoming sales on Haruhi and a secret title to stay in business. I assume that other title was K-ON! as I doubt Bandai’s great white hope was The Girl Who Leapt Through Space. It seemed like despite that dire prediction and some delayed release schedules Bandai was holding on in America. But today we learned that dire prediction sadly came to its grisly conclusion. I know that will lead some people to say that the we should not be shocked because the handwriting was on the wall for a good time now. But when you have a sick relative who suddenly passes away it does not making their passing any easier. A part of you always hopes that they will get better even when you know their conditional is terminal. We might have know in our hearts that Bandai might not be with us for much longer but we wanted to believe that they would pull through. When ever a loved one passes on it is a good moment for reflection on what they left behind.

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Don’t expect us to explain Star Driver.

So we did a little podcast with Patz over on Insert Disc along with Elliot from Ani-Gamers. We dive right into a high-level Star Driver discussion so even if you don’t care about spoilers, it probably all sounds like nonsense unless you’ve seen the show. Whoops! But before that you can hear us discuss streaming anime, Crunchyroll’s new news initiative, and a few other things.

Podlabor Episode 5 – Crunchy Drivers

Star Driver to the Future

I have been meaning to mention this for a while. From the first episode of Star Driver there was something shockingly familiar in the fight sequences. But it had nothing to do with past anime. To put it simply Takuto’s victory music is the main theme from Back to the Future. Or rather it reminds me of it so readily that A) it must be an homage and B) it throws me out of the show every time!

Back to the Future

Star Driver

It isn’t just the most well-known part of the song that it borrows from either, plenty of the little nuances are there as well. I still don’t know rightly how I feel about Star Driver but this musical occurrence makes me grin. I should also mention that I rarely notice music in shows, but I guess when its something that I’ve seen a million times and happens to be near the top of my all-time favorite movies lists it sticks with me!