Ongoing Investigations: Case #133

In my Tsukihime round-up I finally got around to the Tsukihime PLUS+DISC. Mostly a few little stories added to promote previous releases of Tsukihime and Kagetsu Tohya. The Alliance of Illusionary Eyes is the main meat of the content of the disc and is mostly from the point of view of Akira Seo and her first meeting with Tohno Shiki. Her appearances in Kagetsu Tohya make much more sense after reading this. The other three stories are much sillier but sometimes enlightening. Geccha 1 and 2 are little behind the scenes looks at unanswered questions, plot holes, and unused material in a Type-Moon told in a comedic manner. I wonder how many people ship Arcueid and Ciel as they fight like pair that would surely be hooked up in yaoi fanfiction. Sad Birthday Girl fans can see unused Satsuki’s path material. There is also the utterly weird Kinoko’s Masterpiece Experimental Theater. This is mostly weird to be weird. There is no hidden material here. Just uncle Nrvnqsr Chaos. There is nothing vital here other the Alliance but there is a lot to enjoy. Plus I can attest that you can read all of this in just one lunch break if you put your mind to it.

I was so pleased to find Trigun: Badlands Rumble showing at Otakon this year. The movie plays out like an extended TV episode. This is one last hurrah for the fans really so as such it isn’t the place to start for the unfamiliar. Badlands Rumble features Vash’s legendary good-nature as he tries to protect Amelia who is looking for revenge against notorious bandit Gasback who is rumored to be heading for Macca City. Meryl and Milly are dispatched to keep an eye on things since their insurance company has insured a statue in the city for $$5,000,000,00. Wolfwood gets in on the action too, but I won’t say exactly how. I must say it was wonderful to hear the cheers and claps when Wolfwood appeared for the first time. Everything comes together in a spectacular action-packed end. Beyond new animation, there is nothing to say this wasn’t just a part of the show. I saw it dubbed and it didn’t quite have enough force behind it so I’ll be curious to watch it again on DVD. Trigun: Badlands Rumble is good fun with characters that you love.

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Contest + Trigun, The Sixty-Billion Double Dollar Review

hisuiconWe have been meaning to review Trigun for some time but now the stars have aligned in a way to make this extremely relevant. Funimation has recently license rescued Trigun and is putting it out on Blu-Ray and DVD. Madhouse released a Trigun movie on April 4th and Yasuhiro Nightow is writing a new chapter of the manga in celebration. Since Trigun first appeared on Adult Swim it has a solid fan following in the U.S. despite not being that popular back in Japan. We will be looking at what made the Trigun so enticing to English speaking fans and how is the manga different from the anime that was such a hit in the US.

I remember Trigun fondly, the DVD was given to me at random and little did I know a little while later it would appear on the afore mentioned Adult Swim to then go on to be one of those shows that defined anime for new U.S. fans in the early-2000s. And seriously did any of us really think the Trigun movie was going to happen? More than 10 years after the television series ended a movie comes out for a franchise that seemed to be rather ignored in Japan. I don’t know how or why it all finally came together, but I am super happy about it. But anyway, this post isn’t about the movie but the manga!

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