My Introduction to European Geekery

Sorry, this post is a long time coming. And my title is a bit misleading as I spent almost all of my time in Holland and one day visiting Brussels. Despite that, it was an introduction to many things including the world of geek sub-culture across the Atlantic. And it is a piece of my education I hope to expand in the coming years.

This was my first time abroad, ever, and the first time I ever found myself feeling like a foreigner. I realized though that just because you are on vacation you don’t stop being the geek you are. At least I don’t. So my research had led me to find some comic shops in Amsterdam and virtually every other town I visited in Holland. As for Brussels, I didn’t have to plot out where the shops were as me and my companion were practically tripping over them at every turn.

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MangaNEXT 2010: Guests and Industry

MangaNEXT is one of the few conventions where I did not attend all three days, and as such it was difficult to see all the events going on. However, I was happy to see MangaNEXT invite a much  more experimental manga artist, who is currently living in New York City, to give the festivities a different feel.

hisuiconThe bigger the convention the bigger the guests and the announcements. But even the smallest of cons can have some exciting guests and surprising announcements. Also while the guests may not be the biggest they are also infinitely more accessible. MangaNEXT did give everyone a solid service by having the schedule include a chart of all the panels the guests were giving which was great if you wanted to know which panels were being run by which guests. It is certainly an idea that could be used at more conventions.

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NY Anime Festival & Comic Con 2010: Anime and Manga Industry

hisuiconIn the current anime and manga market a little good news is nice to hear among all the doom and gloom. Despite major hits to the anime and manga markets in the last year I was happy to see a larger industry presence at the convention this year. Yen Press was able to make it this year which is hopefully a good sign since I was worried when they did not show up at the NYAF last year. There were hardly an Anime Expo level of announcements but there were some interesting tidbits in the mix.

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